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Anne Jeffreys (Siress Blassie)

Anne Jeffreys 

Actress Name:  Anne Jeffreys

Character Name:  Siress Blassie

Episode Appearances:  Guest Star on the episode "The Man with Nine Lives"

Character Bio:  Siress Blassie is an esteemed older lady who falls for the charms smooth talking conman Chameleon. He impresses her by assuming he's an executive of the IFB, the Colonial broadcasting network. When they arrive on the Rising Star he claims to have left his wallet on the shuttle and Siress Blassie proves to be gullible enough to spring him some money. In her company on the dancefloor Chameleon is is confronted with one of his past cons when a couple of Borellian Nomen arrive on a so called "blood trail" for Captain Dimitri, an alias of Chameleon. Chameleon manages to get away of the Rising Star with the help of Starbuck by pretending that he might be his long lost father leaving Siress Blassie without notification.

We later find out it appears that Siress Blassie has been asking after Chameleon's whereabouts, and it's decided by Adama to turn Chameleon into her custody. He still owes her the fare for the shuttle and the entrance fee to the casino, so he can only agree.

Actress Bio:  Anne Jeffreys was born as Anne Charmichael on January 26, 1923 in Goldboro in North Carolina. She started out in the entertianment field as a singer and sang with the John Robert Powers agency as a teenager. An accomplished soprano with a career in opera was sideline when she was cast in the staged musical review Fun for the Money, quickly followed by her first movie role in I Married an Angel in 1942.

She turned back to the stage and starred in Broadway production as My Romance. She appeared in the sitcom Topper in 1953 with her second husband Robert Sterling. After semi-retirement in the 1960s, she guest starred in a large amount of guest part on television series like Wagon Train, Bonanza, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Police Story, Battlestar Galactica, Vega$, Falcon Crest, Fantasy Island, Murder,She Wrote and Baywatch (in which she played "Irene Buchannon", Mitch his mother). She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in the television series The Delphi Bureau in 1972. 

Anne Jeffreys is better known as "Amanda Barrington" on General Hospital, a part she has played since 1984. She also played the same part in various episodes of the General Hospital the spin-off series named Port Charles from 1999-2003.   

IMDB Link:  Anne Jeffreys

Wikipedia Link:  Anne Jeffreys  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  Anne Jeffreys 

Official Website:  The Official Anne Jeffreys Website

Trivia:  She received the Women's International Center (WIC) Living Legacy Award in 1998. 

What she's doing now:  She recently starred in Scott Anderson's Richard III as the "Duchess of York".

Interviews:  Anne Jeffreys GALACTICA.TV interview


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