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Claude Earl Jones (LaCerta)

Claude Earl Jones

Actor Name:  Claude Earl Jones

Character Name:  LaCerta

Episode Appearances:  Guest Star on the episode "The Lost Warrior"

Character Bio:  LaCerta is the town bully on a Western frontier-like planet named Equellus. He's often to be found playing cards in the local saloon where he only has to snap his fingers to command anybody around. This includes his strong arm, a Cylon Centurion named Red Eye, who recognises LaCerta as his leader. Red Eye collects "tribute" for LaCerta from the local oviners, who fear for their lives if they're failing to comply.

Red Eye challenges Apollo, who crash landed on the planet, but is backed down by LaCerta. Apollo tells LaCerta he wants to work for him. When Bootes, brother of Vella (the woman that is sheltering Apollo) is drunk, he challenges LaCerta in not paying "tribute" anymore. Red Eye kills Bootes and also aims at Vella's son Puppis who took a shot at him as well. Apollo begs LaCerta not to shoot him. Red Eye is backed down and they all leave the saloon.

Marco, LaCerta's aid, is fed up with Apollo now and wants to challenge him in a firefight. Seeing Apollo's laserpistol he backs up, and LaCerta quickly snaps for Red Eye to solve things again. Red Eye loses the firefight and the town is presummably freed from their bully that doesn't have a strong arm anymore. 

Actor Bio:  Claude Earl Jones was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He knew he wanted to become an actor at the age of seven and had his first professional acting job onstage at the age of seventeen. The first television work he did was on an episode of Night Court. He currently has more than 40 years of acting and directing experience in over 150 plays and at least as many film and television roles.

On television he appeared in Kojak, Seinfeld, Little House On The Prairie, Matlock, Baywatch, Hunter, The A-Team, Battlestar Galactica, Dallas, to name a few. IHe starred in films like Thunder and Lightning, Used Cars, No Man's Land, Miracle Mile, Us and he was nominated for an Emmy Award as Best Supporting Actor in the TV film Dark Night of the Scarecrow. Next to that he received 11 Best Director and six Best Actor awards for his work in plays. He's been very active on the theatre scene around the Inland Empire (Riverside/San Bernardino counties) for many years.

IMDB Link:  Claude Earl Jones

Official Website:  None Listed.

Trivia:  Claude Earl Jones is an avid Backgammon player. He plays competitive online and live tournaments. He was placed third in the World Championship. 

What he's doing now:  He still acts and directs, primarily for the stage. Last year he directed and played the lead in Inherit the Wind on stage in California.

Interviews:  Claude Earl Jones GALACTICA.TV interview


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