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Dan Barton (Ducket Taker)

Dan Barton 

Actor Name:  Dan Barton

Character Name:  Ducket Taker

Episode Appearances:  Guest Star on the episode "The Man with Nine Lives"

Character Bio:  The Ducket Taker on the Canaris is responsible for collecting the fare in the form of duckets from the passengers. Chameleon, an aging and charming con man tries to fool the ducket taker and Siress Blassie into believing he is head of the I.F.B., since he has bought no ducket for the trip. He suggests that they should do a series of interviews on the hard working more common people in the fleet and the ducket taker would be perfect for that and he should report to the television studios the next morning. The man is happily surprised and forgets to take Chameleon's ducket. When he returns and asks for his ducket Chameleon claims to have given it to him already. Still ego struck by the charming offer of Chameleon, he apologizes for not noticing and leaves it at that.

Actor Bio:  Dan Barton was born as Dan Burton. In 1949 he married actress Anne Barton (who passed away in 2000) and they had two children, Susan and Steven. His late wife Anne Barton was better known as Eddie Haskall's mother in Leave It To Beaver. Daughter Susan Barton, now Susan Berman is also an actress and had guest parts on television series like The Unit and LA Law.

Dan Barton started out into radio in Chicago. His first part was on the popular classic TV series Skippy as "Somerset Mohagan". Dan Barton had a long career of television work from the 1950's until the 1970's. He guest starred on television series like Racket Squad, Navy Log,  Playhouse 90 (together with Lorne Greene, Commander Adama on Battlestar Galactica), Cheyenne, Dragnet, The Untouchables, Twelve O'Çlock High, Days of Our Lives, The F.B.I., Ironside, Barnaby Jones, Battlestar Galactica and Quincy M.E.

For the last 20 years he's been doing a lot of voiceovers. He was the spokesman for Northrup Aircraft for 12 years and has hawked Coca-Cola and everything (and everyone) from potatoes to political candidates. He still works pretty constantly narrating documentaries. He's also involved with writing.

IMDB Link:  Dan Barton

Official Website:  None Listed.

Trivia:  Dan Barton married again at May 1, 2005 and his best man was actor John Forsythe, better known as "Blake Carrington" in Dynasty and the voice of "Charles Townsend" ("Charlie") in Charlie's Angels.

When Dan Barton was in the Army in World War II, he was in Europe and was editor of a humor magazine in Paris.

What he's doing now:  Dan Barton is doing a lot of voiceovers and still works pretty constantly narrating documentaries.

Interviews:  Dan Barton GALACTICA.TV interview


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