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Denny Miller (Ser 5-9)

Denny Miller

Actor Name:  Denny Miller

Character Name:  Ser 5-9

Episode Appearances:  Guest Star on the episode "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero"  (Part 1 & 2)

Character Bio:  Ser 5-9 (full name Series Five, Culture Nine) was a series of clones (who prefer the name: "Theta-class life forms") created by Dr. Ravashol on the planet Arkta. They were created in order to promote peace, create goodwill, etc. The clones pick up the shot down Galactica team that was send out to destroy the Pulsar Gun, which is controlled by a garisson of Cylons and is treatening to destroy the passing fleet. The clones were turned into slave laborers by the Cylons. When they try to help the Colonials by taking Apollo to see Dr. Ravashol, Ser 5-9 is whipped by the Cylons because he was at a place he was not supposed to be. 

He and Tenna (the female varaint of the clones) later leads the Colonial team up Mount Hekla where the gun is. A shot from the Pulsar Gun causes an avalanche which burries the Colonials and the clones. After they've dugged themselves out, Ser 5-9 had a falling rock samsh his leg and can't carry on. He has to be carried down and the Colonials have to continue on their own.

Actor Bio:  Denny Miller was born on April 25, 1934 in Bloomington, Indiana. He studies at UCLA and planned on becoming a basketball or football coach when a talent scout for MGM stopped him on the street. He worked as a contract player at MGM when he got his breakout role as Tarzan in Tarzan, The Apeman  in 1959. Later, when working as a contract player at Universal he was cast for the part of “Duke Shannon” on Wagon Train from 1961-1964 and did 110 episodes. 

He then had an impressive carreer in which he starred as a guest star in over 200 episodic television series like Gunsmoke, Mona McCluskey, Gilligan's Island, Battlestar Galactica, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Incredible Hulk, Buck Rogers, V, Magnum PI, Charlie's Angels, Vega$, Lonesome Dove: The Series and many, many more. Most fun he had on a Peter Sellers film called The Party on which he played the part of "Wyoming Bill Kelso".

Next to being an actor he has also done many commercials for television and radio and was the spokesman for Gorton's Fisherman for 14 years. He also wrote two books, one being his memoires and is titled "Didn't You Used To Be...What's His Name?", the other is about the obesity problem in the United Stated and is titled "Toxic Waist?...Get To Know Sweat!".  

IMDB Link:  Denny Miller

Wikipedia Link:  Denny Miller  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  Denny Miller

Official Website:  Official Denny Miller Website

Trivia:  He was credited as Scott Miller on the series Wagon Train.

USA Book News selected his book "Toxic Waist?...Get To Know Sweat!" as a Finalist in the Health Category for "Best Books 2006".

What he's doing now:  Denny has written a few books, including his autobiography and one on the obesity problem in the United States. Next to that he has been appearing at scfi-fi, western and Tarzan conventions.

Interviews:  Denny Miller GALACTICA.TV interview


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