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Lynn Halpern (Pyramid Dealer)

Lynn Halpern 

Actress Name:  Lynn Halpern

Character Name:  Pyramid Dealer

Episode Appearances:  Guest Star on the episode "The Man with Nine Lives"

Character Bio:  She's a Pyramid Dealer on the Rising Star casino. Starbuck tries to clean out the house, playing Pyramid with his new system and is raising stakes, confident that he'll win. He is warned bij Chameleon that his system has a minor flaw. Should the dealer have a capstone, he would lose all. Starbuck takes the old guy's advice and lowers his stakes. The dealer turns a capstone, Starbuck loses the game, but can now still leave the table with a considerable profit. He cashes out and heads of to the bar to have a drink with Chameleon and Apollo. 

Actress Bio:  Little is known about Lynn Halpern. The only acting part listed for her is this one on Battlestar Galactica

IMDB Link:  Lynn Halpern

Official Website:  None Listed.

Trivia:  She married and divorced Battlestar Galactica's producer, director and writer Donald Bellisario. They had one son together, actor Michael Bellisario. 

What she's doing now: 



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