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Rance Howard (Farnes)


Actor Name:  Rance Howard

Character Name:  Farnes

Episode Appearances:  Guest Star on the episode "The Magnificent Warriors"

Character Bio:  Farnes is the Constable in the town of Serenity. He's suckered into the job by Sire Bogan and Dipper and has to stop a group of violent Borays who are raiding the town. Though he knows that many Constables before him didn't succeed and he only has a weapon which couldn't even stop a "hedgehopper", he still faces the herd. When the dust settles Farnes is dead and Sire Bogan and Dipper need a new sucker before the next moon. 

Actor Bio:  Rance Howard was born on November 17, 1928 in Oklahoma. He's best known for his role as Henry Broomhauer in the 1960's TV series Gentle Ben. He also starred as David Sheridan, father to captain John Sheridan on Babylon 5. Next to that he starred in dozen of other TV series like The Andy Griffith Show, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Waltons, Happy Days, Murder She Wrote, Quantum Leap, Baywatch, Cold Case and CSI NY. He played parts in movies like Cool Hand Luke, Chinatown, Grand Theft Auto (which he also wrote and directed), The Lonely Guy, Splash, Cocoon, Gung Ho, Far and Away, Fearless, Ed Wood, Money Talks, Psycho (1998), Rat Race and Cinderella Man. Next to being an actor, Rance Howard also writes, directs and produces. He's still very busy and has done parts in 9 upcoming movies! 

IMDB Link:  Rance Howard

Wikipedia Link:  Rance Howard  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  Rance Howard 

Official Website:  None Listed.

Trivia:  Father to actor, director and producer Ron Howard and Clint Howard. Grandfather to actress Bryce Dallas Howard.  

What he's doing now:  Still very active in the business acting, writng, and producing.

Interviews:  Rance Howard GALACTICA.TV interview


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