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Anne Lockhart (Lt. Sheba)

Anne Lockhart 

Actor Name:  Anne Lockhart

Character Name:  Lt. Sheba 

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast

Character Bio:  Lt. Sheba is the only daughter of the legendary Commander Cain , whose ship the Pegasus was lost yahrens ago when it battled Cylons at the Molecay settlement. When pilots from the Battlestar Galactica encounter the Pegasus again, it is Sheba and her wingman Lt. Bojay who escort Apollo and Starbuck to a ship-and a hero-they believed long gone. New hope spreads throughout the fleet with the news that Cain has returned from the dead. But Cain is not built to be the shepherd of refugees on the run, and his actions put the fleet in jeopardy when three base stars, led by Baltar , find the Galactica. Adama relieves Cain of command, but Sheba is willing to lead a mutiny to put her father back in charge.

Sheba initially has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Cassiopeia , who entered Cain 's life just after the death of Sheba's mother. Sheba disobeys her father's orders in order to accompany Starbuck and Apollo on a strike mission to Gomoray, but begins to change her mind about Cassiopeia when Cassie attends to an injured Bojay . Back defending the fleet against the Cylons, she is shot down and moved with the injured to the Galactica. Cain 's ship disappears again, leaving her and many of the Pegasus' fighters behind. But Adama , like others, is convinced that Cain just headed off into deep space again, and tells Sheba to consider her part of his family.

Sheba is soon integrated with the warriors on the Galactica. Her missions have included spraying boroton into the Galactica's bays during the fire that erupted on the ship, shuttling prisoners (such as Baltar ) and fighting off suicide attacker Cylons. Sheba is the first to volunteer for duty when Bojay 's ship disappears into the Ship of Lights, and Sheba is also one of the first affected when Count Iblis is discovered and brought aboard. He takes Sheba under his protection and control, but Apollo intervenes by trying to show her the truth about Iblis. In the ensuing conflict, she, Starbuck and Apollo are taken aboard the Ship of Lights and return to the Galactica with the coordinates of Earth.

Starbuck , Cassiopeia , Apollo and Sheba start to spend more time together, at triad games and other social events, and one evening they visit an old celestial chamber that Apollo has restored to working order. Sheba is the first to notice a transmission coming in. While investigating the transmission's origin the Galactica encounters a lone base star. After Apollo and Starbuck volunteer for a mission to go into the belly of the base star and knock out its weapons, Sheba asks to come along. Apollo refuses, saying that they need her and Boome r to lead the attack against the base star. Sheba then confesses her love for Apollo .

Actress Bio:  Anne Lockhart comes from a family that has deep roots in the entertainment industry. Anne Lockhart's mother, June Lockhart, is well known for her roles in Lassie and Lost in Space. Born September 6, 1953 in Brentwood, California, Anne Lockhart has a long list of credits that includes television, movies, Shakespeare and sound work. Lockhart's voice can be heard on many animated movies, including Chicken Little and The Little Mermaid, as well as in feature films such as Wedding Crashers and TV shows such as Law & Order. Anne Lockhart's career began at the age of four when Lockhart starred in a short subject film, T is for Tumbleweed, which was nominated for an Academy Award. Anne Lockhart also starred in episodes of Lassie with her mother, and began working in feature films in 1972 with Jory. Glen Larson was a fan of hers, casting Anne Lockhart in several of his productions, including Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries and B.J. and the Bear. He offered Lockhart an initial role on Battlestar Galactica, which she turned down-so he wrote her Sheba. In the 1990s Anne Lockhart helped start the Santa Susana Repertory Theatre Company and has acted in the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival since 2003.

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Trivia:  An avid horsewoman, Anne Lockhart has won championships in cutting, reining, team penning and barrel racing. Anne Lockhart helped found Pro-Celebrity Rodeos in the ‘80s to raise money for children's charities.

What she's doing now:  Anne Lockhart remains active in the entertainment industry, doing voice work for various movies and TV series. Anne Lockhart also continues to act in productions for the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival.

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