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John Colicos (Baltar)

John Colicos

Actor Name:  John Colicos

Character Name:  Count Baltar

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast

Character Bio:  Baltar first appears to us as an unwitting ambassador between the Cylon Empire and the Twelve Colonies of Man. However, it is later learned that Baltar brokered a deal with the Cylons that would bring destruction to all of the Colonies except his own, which would be subjugated under his rule. The Cylons themselves would then betray the Betrayer, instead destroying all twelve Colonies. Baltar's fate then depends on which version of the story you're told. In the theatrical release of Battlestar Galactica (1978), Baltar is beheaded outright early in the story. In the television rendition, Baltar is removed for later public execution.

In time, Baltar is spared by a new, more "charitable" Imperious Leader who instead assigns a baseship to Baltar. Baltar then uses this baseship to attempt to destroy the Colonial remnants. He was unsuccessful in heading them off at the planet Kobol. He tried herding them towards a giant pulsar weapon maintained on an ice planet. The Colonials instead destroyed the gun. He almost succeeded destroying the Galactica near the planet Gamoray, but fortunately the "lost" battlestar, Pegasus, was in the neighborhood and saved the day. Baltar eventually surrendered himself to Adama under a flag of truce when the flying orbs from the Ship of Lights harassed his baseship. Baltar was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life aboard the prison barge. There, he unsuccessfully planned an escape with several other convicts, including Borellians, and Eastern Alliance officers. Adama eventually released Baltar to an uninhabited planet (with short-range communication) in exchange for information concerning an upcoming attack on a Cylon baseship that was being planned. Baltar's information was honest this time, and the attack was a success.

Actor Bio:  John Colicos was born on December 10, 1928 in Toronto, Canada. He became a stage actor in Canada, in 1946, eventually performing in hundreds of plays across three different continents before going into television and cinema. In 1952, he performed in a Canadian radio broadcast of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, with one of his closest friends, actor Lorne Greene. He was married to Mona McHenry in 1956, and divorced in 1981. Early in his TV career, in the late 50's, he played in many teleplays based on classic literature, including Oliver Twist, Wuthering Heights, Treasure Island, and The Count of Monte Cristo on the Dupont Show of the Month. In the ‘60's and ‘70's, Colicos did quite a bit of sci-fi and crime drama work, including episodes of Mannix, Mission Impossible, The Defenders, and of course, Star Trek.

In the late ‘70's this trend continued with Colicos performing in episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man, Wonder Woman, The Changeling, and an obscure series that some of us may have heard of, called Battlestar Galactica. His career continued to flourish in the ‘80's and ‘90's with similar, even typecast roles as the maniacal megalomaniac or the secret agent villain sort. We see this character recur in the War of the Worlds TV series where he plays an alien unable to shapeshift like the rest of his species. He even reprised his role of "Kor" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in a few episodes during the late ‘90's.

John Colicos' last documented roles would be again as Count Baltar in the rarely-seen trailer Battlestar Galactica, The Second Coming.

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Official (Fan) Website:  Official John Colicos Fan Site

Trivia:  John Colicos played the first Klingon ever actually seen on Star Trek (named "Kor") . 

What he's doing now:  John Colicos died on March 6, 2000.



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