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Lorne Greene (Cmdr. Adama)

Lorne Greene 

Actor Name:  Lorne Greene

Character Name:  Commander Adama

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast

Character Bio:  Adama is the commander of the battlestar Galactica, one of twelve ships guarding the Colonies as the story begins. He realizes that the truce under which the Cylons are approaching is a ruse—but by then the Cylons have launched their devastating attack on the human worlds. It is too late. Once the massacre is over, Adama is the only  battlestar commander left (until they later meet up with the battlestar Pegasus, lead by Commander Cain). His youngest son, Zac, is the first warrior casualty that alerts the fleet to the menace. His wife dies during the attack on Caprica.

Adama’s vision and eloquence persuade the refugees to leave their home planets. With allies such as his surviving children, Apollo and Athena, he leads the last battlestar and the remnants of the human race toward the planet Earth -- and, he hopes, salvation.

Actor Bio:  Lorne Greene’s long list of credits includes television series, movies and Shakespearean productions. Lorne Hyman Greene was born on February 12, 1915 as Lyon Chaim Greene in Ottowa, Ontario Canada as the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, and began acting while at Queen’s University there. Greene's distinctive voice helped him become a top newscaster, but Greene left the country in the early 1950s to pursue a film career in Hollywood. Other than Battlestar Galactica, Lorne Greene is best known for playing the patriarch in the long-running Western series Bonanza. Greene’s many guest-star stints include roles in Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the miniseries Roots, The Electric Company and The Love Boat. Lorne Greene was also much in demand for hosting and narration jobs, including productions of The Nutcracker and the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade (which he co-hosted for almost a decade in the ‘60s and early ‘70s).

IMDB Link:  Lorne Greene

Wikipedia Link:  Lorne Greene  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  Lorne Greene

Official Website:  None Listed. 

Trivia:  In the 1960s Lorne Greene's spoken word song “Ringo” became a number one hit.

During his years as an announcer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Lorne Greene was nicknamed “The Voice of Doom” due to his deep voice and the World War II news reports Greene was assigned to read on-air.

Lorne Greene also starred as "Com. Adama" in Galactica 1980.

What he's doing now:  Lorne Greene died on September 11, 1987.

Interviews:  Lorne Greene Battlestar Galactica Set interview


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