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Terry Carter (Col. Tigh)

Terry Carter 

Actor Name:  Terry Carter 

Character Name:  Col. Tigh 

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast

Character Bio: Colonel Tigh is Commander Adama's trusted second-in-command and staunch ally. Tigh and Adama flew together in their younger days. Although Col. Tigh is a strict taskmaster, Tigh often shows a sense of humor, and he's more of a religious skeptic than Adama. Col. Tigh often commands the Galactica in Adama's absence, including an incident when Adama is on Kobol and Cylon Raiders attack while Galactica's pilots are ill and another when Adama is critically wounded in a Cylon attack on Galactica. Col. Tigh sometimes takes on the role of humanitarian; once he convinced Adama to search for the lost Apollo when the commander is reluctant.

Col. Tigh's duties have included advising Adama on strategy, inspecting Agro ships and informing the warriors of emergency meetings. He also took over command of the Pegasus when Adama relieved Commander Cain of duty. Tigh doesn't take it personally when Cain has his command returned to him and the entire crew cheers-he knows better than to fight a living legend. During the fire that spread throughout Galactica after a Cylon attack, it was Col. Tigh who put mushies near the air ducts to lure Muffit.

Col. Tigh was responsible for presenting Commander Kronus with an award, but Kronus later berates Tigh for drinking at the celebration because he is going on duty later. Tigh accepts the criticism and leaves early to man his post. Still, Col. Tigh's not always the good soldier-he is an occasional conspirator in certain plans put into effect by the warriors and Adama to circumvent the dictates of the Council of Twelve. He also has a role in the decision to attack the lone base star the fleet encounters at the edge of the galaxy. In that battle, Col. Tigh has the task of briefing the warriors.

Actor Bio:  Terry Carter is the professional name of John E. DeCoste, born in Brooklyn, New York on December 16, 1928. In the 1950s, while studying law at St. John's University Law School in New York, Terry Carter met the well-known theatre actors Howard Da Silva and Morris Carnovsky. They convinced Carter to consider the pursuit of a career as an actor. Terry Carter's acting career started in 1952 with a leading role in Edward Chodorov's Decision, at the Greenwich Mews Theatre in Greenwich Village. Terry Carter landed his first Broadway role in 1954, as the male lead opposite Eartha Kitt, in the play Mrs. Patterson. In 1956, Terry Carter was one of the first black actors on equal-footing as a regular on a TV sitcom series, portraying "Private Sugarman" on Phil Silvers' Sgt. Bilko (aka You'll Never get Rich aka The Phil Silvers Show). Terry Carter landed the title role in Richard Adler's ground-breaking Broadway musical Kwamina in 1961, set in an African nation on the brink of achieving independence.

In 1965, walking up Broadway one day, Terry Carter ran into a producer friend who suggested that he do a screen test for the position of TV newscaster. He landed the job: Terry Carter became world's first black TV anchor newscaster, for WBZ-TV Eyewitness News in Boston, the Westinghouse flagship station, for the next 3 years.

Terry Carter went on to co-star as "Sgt. Joe Broadhurst", Dennis Weaver's sidekick on McCloud from 1970 until 1977 and even made a reprise as "Lieutenant Broadhurst" in 1989's CBS telefilm The Return of Sam McCloud. When McCloud ended, creator Glen Larson and producer Leslie Stevens approached Terry Carter for the part of Lt. Boomer on a new sci-fi made-for-TV movie called Battlestar Galactica: Saga of a Star World. Terry Carter broke his ankle in a roller skating accident and the part was re-cast and went to Herb Jefferson Jr.. Later Terry Carter was casted for another part, that of Colonel Tigh, the right hand of Commander Adama, played by Lorne Greene. The show was cancelled afer one season but Terry Carter made a reprise, now as President Tigh, in the Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming trailer from 1999, Richard Hatch' attempt to revive the Battlestar Galactica series.

Terry Carter formed the Council for Positive Images, Inc. (CPI), a non-profit organization of which he is still president, in 1979, dedicated to enhancing intercultural and interethnic understanding through audiovisual communication. In 1985, Terry Carter received a Los Angeles Emmy Award for K*I*D*S, a TV miniseries Carter created, produced and directed. In 1988, Terry Carter produced and directed the award-winning, Emmy-nominated TV musical documentary A Duke Named Ellington about the life and work of pianist, composer, bandleader and jazz legend Duke Ellington. In 1992, Carter started research and development on what is to become a 90-minute documentary for PBS about African-American anthropologist, dancer, and choreographer Katherine Dunham. In 2001, Terry Carter was commissioned by the Library of Congress to create the Katherine Dunham Technique, a dance technique presentation.

Presently residing in Scandinavia while maintaining a base in New York City, Terry Carter continues to pursue his producing and acting careers on both continents.

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Trivia:  Terry speaks fluent Italian, since his first wife was Italian.  

What he's doing now:  Terry Carter is a succesful Emmy-Award winning producer and always tries to enhance intercultural and interethnic understanding through audiovisual communication.

Terry Carter recently picked up acting again and starred in 10 episodes of the Norwegian soap series Hotel Caesar in 2007.

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