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Don Lawrence Battlestar Galactica Poster Art
Written by Marcel Damen   
Sunday, 23 August 2009

Don Lawrence was a British comic book artist and author and is best known for his comic strips "The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire" and ;"Storm". Famous for his realistic and detailed style, he was an inspiration for later highly influentual UK comic-book artists like Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons and Chris Weston. This Battlestar Galactica poster art was made to promote the series on Dutch television.


Battlestar Galactica poster art by Don Lawrence

Battlestar Galactica poster art by Don Lawrence


This particular poster art was made by one of my favorite artists, Don Lawrence, for the Eppo comic magazine back in 1979. It served to promote the Battlestar Galactica series on television in The Netherlands. The artist was clearly inspired by the American poster art made for "Saga of a Star World" of Robert Tanenbaum (the vipers) and John Solie (the characters). The slightly different look of the Cylons and their guns adds a nice twist to the image.

If you like to have more information about the artist (who sadly passed away in 2003) and his work, please visit his website: Don Lawrence website. The original art for the Battlestar Galactica poster is still for sale and the price is set at $9,000 (it's particularly large). In the shop on the website you can also buy other original art of Don Lawrence (as a fan of his comics I myself own a "Storm" and "Trigan Empire" painting and several other large sketches; I never got around buying the Battlestar Galactica art yet).


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