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Written by Marcel Damen   
Saturday, 01 August 2009

For years I've been collecting unique Battlestar Galactica items: photos, scripts, paperwork, concept art, etc. I've spent thousands of dollars  to obtain most of it, and have treasured it in my private collection (like so many big collectors out there)! That's going to change! I'd like to set an example I hope many collectors will follow by publishing all I have, so EVERY Battlestar Galactica fan out there can enjoy it. Feel free to copy all (please link us when copied online to spread the word)!

We hope to expand this online collection with unique items YOU have and want to share too. We have about 50,000 visitors (fellow Battlestar Galactica fans) each month who'll be eternally grateful to YOU. I'm particularly looking for more/better costume art of Jean-Pierre Dorleac, concept art by Joe Johnston, Ralph McQuarrie, Dan Goozee, Andrew Probert, matte paintings, storyboards or anything else you think fans should definitely see! Contact us when you're ready to share too!

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