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In this section you'll find all GUEST STARS that appeared on the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 1978 series. Some are linked to a special page we've made for them. Follow it and you'll find out more about the character as well as the actor/actress who played it. First pick an episode from the EPISODE LIST.




For those who are not aware let us review. After Battlestar Galactica was canceled by ABC, a way to recover the extreme costs of producing the series were sought. One season shows were not widely syndicated in those days, so the first syndicated release of Battlestar Galactica was as a series of twelve, 2 hour telefilms (also releasing them theatrically overseas).

The two parters, like "Lost Planet of the Gods" and "The Living Legend", etc., were converted from two part series episodes into single telefims. In addition scenes that were cut for time were reinserted to take the place of redundant bits in a two-part play. The single episodes were cut together to make the titles "The Space Casanova", "Curse of the Cylons", "Space Prison", "Murder In Space" and "The Phantom in Space". These episodes also contained extra footage and revised storyline continuity (voiceover dropins) to make an early episode compatible with a late one and tie the two stories together.

Below is a list of the twelve telefilms. There is a thirteenth Galactica 1980 telefilm, named "Conquest of the Earth" that was constructed from no less than five episodes of Galactica 1980.

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