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Richard Livingston (concept designer)

Richard Livingston


Crewmember Name:  Richard Livingston

Task:  Concept designer. He worked on the concept design of various spaceships (and technical parts of those) in the fleet, like Colonial One and the batteries of the Galactica and he re-designed the older model Cylons for the webisodes and the movie Razor, among others.

Worked on:  Mini-Series, Season 1, 2, 3, 4, Razor Flashbacks and Razor 

Crewmember Bio:  Richard C. Livingston brings over 21 years experience in both feature and television animation as a layout and design supervisor, journeyman layout artist and visual development artist. His Walt Disney Feature Animation screen credits include: Mulan, Tarzan, John Henry, Lilo and Stitch, Brother Bear and Brother Bear 2. richard Livingston has contributed conceptual design work for the SciFi Channel Battlestar Galactica series, for both the television Mini-Series, Razor and Seasons 1-4. Richard Livingston also did the design work on the bionics for the NEW NBC Series The Bionic Woman, that aired in the Fall of 2007 and was cancelled after only a couple of episodes. Richard Livingston attended Sheridan College's Animation program from 1980-1983. Richard Livingston moved to Orlando,Florida in 1995 from Toronto,Canada. He is married with twin daughters.

IMDB Link:  Richard Livingston 

Wikipedia Link:  Richard Livingston  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  Richard Livingston 

Official Website:  Ravenwood Entertainment


What he's doing now: He's currently working on SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica

Interviews:  Richard Livinston GALACTICA.TV interview 

Articles:  Cylon Concept Art / Razor Concept Art / Season 4 Concept Art

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