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With Adama out of action, Colonel Tigh takes his position as commander of the Galactica. The fleet makes an emergency jump, but due to an error by Gaeta, Galactica does not transmit the proper jump coordinates and the fleet becomes separated from Galactica. Boomer is in jail, and the cat's out of the bag - she's a Cylon. Back on Caprica Boomer takes off with Starbuck's Cylon raider.

Guest Stars:

  • Ty Olsson - LSO Capt. Aaron Kelly
  • Michael Tayles - Lt. S. "Flyboy" Irvine
  • Nicholas Treeshin - Sgt. Watkins
  • Chris Shields - Corporal Venner
  • Kurt Evans - Paramedic Kiim
  • Kerry Norton - Paramedic Ishay
  • Warren Christie - Tarn
  • Aleks Paunovic - Marine Sgt. Fischer
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