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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2003 - Valley of Darkness

In the process of finding back the fleet, a Cylon virus has penetrated the computers onboard the Galactica. During a space battle a Cylon ship  loaded with centurions crashes into the battlestar. A fight for the control of the Galactica begins. On Kobol, Chief Tyrol returns from a mission with medical supplies for a dying Socinus.

Guest Stars:

  • Dominic Zamprogna - James "Jammer" Lyman
  • Chris Shields - Cpl. Venner
  • Kerry Norton - Paramedic Ishay
  • Lori Stewart - Twinam
  • Brad Loree - Bonnington
  • Michael Tayles - Lt. S. "Flyboy" Irvine
  • Garvin Cross - Collishaw
  • Ty Olsson - LSO Capt. Aaron Kelly
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