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Ty Olsson (LSO Capt. Aaron Kelly)

Ty Olsson


Actor Name:  Ty Olsson

Character Name:  LSO Captain Aaron Kelly

Episode Appearances: Guest Star on the Mini-Series and the episodes "Scattered", "Valley of Darkness", "Final Cut", "Exodus (Part 1 & 2)" and "The Son Also Rises".

Character Bio:  Captain Aaron Kelly is arguably third in command aboard the Galactica, behind Col. Tigh. His position (LSO, or "Landing Signal Officer") makes him responsible for overseeing all launching and landing operations aboard the Galactica. We also see that he is responsible for damage control in the flight areas (flight pods,etc.), as he was the officer to carry this out in the Miniseries. He similarly responds during the Cylon invasion of the Galactica. Kelly is a supporter of Adama's anti-networking sympathies where computer networks are concerned. He voices these sentiments clearly during an incident where a jump miscalculation separates the Galactica from the Fleet. Occasionally, he also fills Gaeta's post, that of Tactical Officer, when Gaeta is needed elsewhere. We have seen a recent turn in Kelly's activities toward criminal tendencies as the bombing attacks on Baltar's lawyer (near his upcoming trial) were his own doing.

Actor Bio:  Ty Olsson was born in Ottawa, Ontario. He is married to Leanna Nash; they have two daughters. He attended Cantebury High School, in Ontario, which specializes in the performing arts. He was graduated in 1997 from Studio 58 at Langara College in Vancouver. Fans will recognize him from TV productions since 1998 like Atomic Train, Stargate SG-1, Flight 93, Dead Like Me, Just Cause and many others. His cinematic credits include Lake Placid, Ignition, Valentine, X2 (X-Men 2), Walking Tall and others.

His most popular role at this time is the voice of "Herry Star", the offspring of Hercules in the Canadian animated cartoon called Class of the Titans. He has also starred with Anne Heche in Men in Trees.

IMDB Link:  Ty Olsson

Wikipedia Link:  Ty Olsson  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  Ty Olsson

Official Website:  None Listed.

Trivia: Ty Olsson is a skilled canoeist and outdoorsman.

What he's doing now: Currently starring on SciFi Channel's Battlestar Galactica and Men in Trees.

Interviews:  Ty Olsson GALACTICA.TV interview


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