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Luciana Carro GALACTICA.TV interview
Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Mike Egnor was scheduled for an interview with Luciana Carro on the day before the Season 3 episode "The Passage" of the Battlestar Galactica 2003 series aired, but luckily this got postponed. This episode showed the surprise death of her character, Capt. Louanne "Kat" Katraine. These events completely changed the scope of the interview, and now we can tell you her story and her reaction of her character's death.

You've said that you grew up in Toronto, and it high school you were thinking about going to beauty school and becoming a hair stylist...

(laughing) Yes.

and that your teacher Gerry Campbell dragged you out of class by the collar and said that if you didn't try an acting career that it would break his heart.

Yeah, that's right.

Did he really drag you out by the collar?

Oh yeah he did! It shocked me too.

Have you gone back to thank him?

Oh yeah we're still very close friends. He's kind of like my mentor actually.

Has he seen your work and told you how proud of you he is?

Yes he has. He's always believed in me.

Without mentioning names, do you remember your high school prom date?

Oh God...(thinking) oh yeah I do. (big laugh) I almost forgot. Yes I do remember my high school prom date.

Do you think he's married now and sees you on tv and tells his current wife that he could have been married to you?

I don't think he's married, but he's probably very proud of me. We never left off on bad terms.

Did you have any formalized training or education in acting?

Yeah, I went to theatre school for five years. I went to Theatre Humber in Toronto.

Did you do acting and then go into modelling, or was it the other way around?

You know...(laughing) that's funny, because I don't really consider myself a model. I did some modelling for a friend of mine, Dorinha, who is a jean designer from Brazil who I met on set at White Chicks. When I was shooting White Chicks, she was my stand-in. She gave me a few pairs of jeans to try and I absolutely fell in love with her [designer] jeans and started buying them from her directly. We ended up becoming friends and she asked me to do a few photo shoots for her and I did it for her, so I really wouldn't consider myself a model. I'm more of an actress.

You started with The Chris Isaaks Show, correct?


Can you tell us about your character Tanya and what you did?

Tanya was a reoccurring on and off girlfriend for Anson, who was a band member who was always getting into trouble, and kind of wasn't the brightest of characters. (laughing) My character was kind of like his, you know. [They were] both kind of like partiers, and opposite minded, and just like to have a lot of fun.

Like several other actors from Battlestar Galactica, you did work on The L-Word.

Yes. Who else worked on The L-Word?

Tahmoh Penikett...

Oh really, I didn't know that.

and I think Aaron Douglas...

I didn't know that

Did you know any of the cast of Battlestar Galactica before you worked on that show?

I knew Kandyse McClure, Grace Park, Nicki Clyne, Aaron Douglas, and that's it. I knew them just from the acting scene in Vancouver.

I see. It's a smaller city, Vancouver, and a lot of people work together and study together?

Yeah, and you see each other at auditions all the time, and at industry parties...Aaron Douglas actually used to be a reader back in the day - he's the person who reads at the auditions, the other lines - so I actually met him when I would go in to do auditions, he'd be the reader, so that's actually how I met Aaron.

So it was nice to see some familiar faces?

Yes it was! It was really nice to see them all in a steady job on a great show.

Did you know Leah Cairns before Battlestar Galactica?

No I didn't.

The first time that I saw you was in the movie Dr. Doolittle 3.

Oh really?


Luciana Carro as Brooklyn Webster in Dr. Doolittle

Luciana Carro as Brooklyn Webster in Dr. Doolittle


I was ready to hate that movie at the beginning, since it had the Doolittle name but didn't have Eddie Murphy, but honestly the movie was good without him.

Oh good, I'm glad that you enjoyed that. We had a lot of fun shooting that.

You played Brooklyn Webster, who is the antagonist of the main character Maya Doolittle by trying to get the same boyfriend. Was it fun to play the antagonist? gets difficult sometimes because I tend to play the antagonist a lot, but sometimes you just want to be liked, and the way she was written, she never had said anything nice. Well we had to find something about her that the audience would like because she wasn't written as a nice character at all. So it was a little challenging to bring the light out of Brooklyn because she was a pretty dark character and she never really said anything nice. But I feel that I shone some light onto Brooklyn.

You worked with John Amos?


He was probably more well known as Admiral Fitzwallace in West Wing. [editors note: He also appears as Buzz on Men in Trees] Was he fun to work with?

Oh he's great. He was really the professional out of all of us there. We learned a lot from him. He was always helping us out. You could tell he really loved what he does, and he was really in his element because he loves to be out in the country with animals, and he was really good with the animals, so it was a lot of fun.

You did riding in that movie?

Yeah, I never sat on a horse in my life and I pretty much had to learn how to barrel race in two lessons. (laughing) I had to learn how to ride a horse in two lessons, so everything was done really quick with that movie. We were cast, and I think two weeks later we had to shoot.

You said in an interview that you wore the Dorinha jeans in that movie because they make your butt look hot?


Actually, I didn't have a question there, I just wanted to agree with you.

(big laugh) Thank you!

Let me move onto Battlestar Galactica.  


How were you approached for the show? Did you audition? Did you do a screen test?

No, I didn't do a screen test. I auditioned for a two liner I believe, I think I said two lines. The reason they knew about me was because I had auditioned for something that Harvey Frand (Producer for Battlestar Galactica) was putting together called Pain Killer Jane and I was up for that, and I didn't end up booking that. So they ended up bringing me in for [Battlestar] Galactica, and I auditioned for a really small part. I ended up booking it, never thought I'd get another episode out of it, and ended up making it until the middle of Season 3. It was really quite an honor.

Did you try out for any other roles besides Kat?  

No I didn't.

For the interview now, I'd like to keep the events from the last episode "Passage" until the end. You played the character Louanne "Kat" Katraine in the series. And like you said, originally it was only supposed to be for one episode.



Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica 2003

Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica 2003


David Eick said [Kat is] "just a really, really talented actor, and she's someone who in a very different way than Katee Sackhoff, just exemplifies that sort of masculine fortitude, despite being a woman..." How did you feel when they asked you to come back?

Oh it was an absolute honor. I thought maybe I might come back because I didn't die in that first episode, but I had no idea that they'd actually given me a story line and actually built my character into what she was. I never really knew where the character was going, you know. From episode to episode I just would find out more and I was like "Wow, I'm in this one again" and "Wow, I find out a little more about Kat". You know for a couple years, I think between Season 1 and Season 2, I couldn't really figure out why they had written her...and I'm not even sure they knew why they had written Kat, as such a rebellious character against authority. But now after I got the script for the "Passage" I realize why Kat was the way that she was. It was because she had a lot to prove to herself, you know. What I figured from it all is that she was carrying with her this whole time this guilt of maybe being the one that brought the Cylons to Caprica and was partly responsible for the destruction of the human race, there's only 40,000 of us left.

Right. So at the time, you weren't given any kind of back story?

Nothing. I had no idea and I was like "Wow, she's really got a big mouth." I could never really understand why she was so hard on Starbuck, and why in the episode "Scar" she was so hard on Starbuck all the time. And now I realize that she had a lot to prove to herself, to prove that she's a good person, and that she's worth living for. It gives her life purpose to be on Galactica, and if she did transport Cylons back then maybe she could reclaim herself by being a really great pilot and protecting the human race.

Kat is basically a raw recruit who is among a group of "nuggets" that try to be pilots as fast as possible due to a shortage [of viper pilots]. Her first flight turns out to be a disaster, as she can't make a landing on the Galactica. But she learns and does much better, including a raid with Apollo in the episode "Hand of God" to secure the tylium mines. She moves up the ranks pretty quickly, being promoted to Lt., wouldn't you say?

Yes. She was promoted pretty quickly, but she's got natural talent. I think she just really wanted to make up for her past and reclaim herself as a good person in society. So I think she just really tried everything that she could to be a good person, and what was in the past was in the past.

When the pressures and long hours start taking their toll, she starts taking stimulants and becomes addicted to them. I thought that this was something very plausible in the military, and I liked that Kat didn't have an easy recovery. Do you agree with that?

Yeah. I don't think she ever had any intention of becoming addicted to stims, but I think with the pressure and everything she just started taking them to stay awake, and that one time she just took way too much and almost got herself killed.

Something that I've got to ask for all of our male fans out there. In the episode "Final Cut", when you were wearing a towel and mooning the cameraman, were you wearing anything underneath that towel?

Yes I was. (laughing)

I think that our ratings would have gone up if you had said no.

(big laugh) I was wearing my panties, yeah.

Ok. The guy who played the cameraman...

I didn't know him, that's why I wanted to wear panties, I didn't want him to see my bare butt. (laughing) No, if there were somebody else recording me, maybe I would have gone bare butt but I didn't know that guy.

When Apollo and Starbuck are transferred to the Pegasus, Kat becomes the interim CAG. That's quite an accomplishment for somebody who was a nugget a short time ago. Which says a lot about her ability, right?

Yeah, I think that Adama really believed in Kat all along when he saw the potential in her and there was nobody left; most people went down to New Caprica, the rest were on Pegasus. Somebody had to take control and I think Kat deserved it.


Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica 2003

Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica 2003


Did she not go down to the planet because she didn't have any family?

No I think she didn't go down to the planet because she felt that she needed to stay up with Galactica. Galactica was her family and I think that's where she felt the most at home and she felt loyal to Adama and the people of Galactica. She wanted to find Earth, and somebody needed to stay up on Galactica, and I think that's where she wanted to be.

I think that that became her family. It was the one thing that she was really good at, and she didn't want to just give that up.

Yeah, exactly.

In the episode before "The Passage", "Unfinished Business", with the boxing matches, I saw a woman with a long pony tail boxing. Was that you?

Yeah I was boxing the brawny girl. The brawny woman. (laughing)

Ok. Who were you boxing?

You know, she was written in the script as "The Brawny Bitch", so that's who I was fighting. I'm assuming it was somebody that Kat had a beef with. She just needed to get her aggression out, they were put in the boxing ring, and fought it all out.

Did you have any training or sparring for boxing?

Yeah, they gave me one lesson, so I had to learn how to box [from] a pro boxer in one lesson. But I had a really great stunt coordinator whose name was Lauro [Chartrand] something and he was great. He coordinated the fight and taught me how to fight.

Did you get hit in the face?

No. Nobody ever got hit in the face. Everything was done safe.

Ok. Let me ask you about the relationship between Kat and Starbuck. Kat looks up to her, but she gets tired of her bragging and drinking. The two characters are very similar in their zest for life and cocky attitudes wouldn't you say?



Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine and Katee Sackhoff as Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace in Battlestar Galactica 2003

Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine and Katee Sackhoff as Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace
in Battlestar Galactica 2003


So in the episode "Scar" where Kat wins and destroys Scar, and drinks out of the CAG mug, and Starbuck congratulates her, it seems part that Kat is happy with the victory, but part of it is that Kat is happy that Starbuck has said something nice about her. What do you think?

Well I think the whole time Kat really looked up to Starbuck. She really admired Starbuck for being who she was and I think Starbuck was kind of like her mentor. She was the one who taught her how to fly. She was the one that gave her a chance, really, and I think when Kat started to see Starbuck slipping and drinking so much... I mean originally in the script, it was scripted out a lot worse. Starbuck was much drunker and was screwing up a lot more than what actually ended up getting shown. I think it really scared Kat. I think Kat saw herself in Starbuck and thought that "Oh my Gosh that could actually happen to me". I think she was really trying to help Starbuck out of it by being tough on her.

You've said in a previous interview that you've heard that when you really hate something about someone else it's because you see that same character fault within yourself.


So that would apply to what Starbuck was doing.

Yeah, and I think that really scared Kat. Just like Starbuck said, "Kat you're scared", and Kat was scared. Kat was so scared that she thought "This is not going to happen to me". And if it's going to happen to Starbuck then I'm going to get Starbuck out of this, or somebody's got to take control here because Starbuck started putting the lives of everybody in danger. She didn't go out on a mission and then somebody ended up getting killed because of it. It really hurt Kat and I think right at the end when Starbuck almost didn't let Kat do that kill and she was almost about to die, that really scared Kat. If Starbuck goes, I think that would have really affected Kat.

You were at the airport when you read the script for "The Passage" where Kat gets killed?

No... No, I was at the airport on my way to shoot "Unfinished Business", which was the boxing episode right before and my roommate... The script got sent to my apartment and my roommate opened the envelope and got nosy and read the script and started saying: "Oh my Gosh!". She called me and said: "Oh my Gosh this episode is all about you! They're going to shoot the half..." and I was like: "Oh my Gosh, oh my Gosh... Tell me what else happens?". She started reading it and a lot of information started coming out about Kat's past, which kind of started making, you know... It kind of made me nervous, because I was like: "Wow, that's a lot of info!" and I said: "Can you do me a favor? Can you read me the last page (laughing) of this script?" and she's like:"Sure!".  She went to the last page and went "...and then your picture gets hung up on the memorial wall" and I was like: "WHAT?!? That means I'm dead!". That's how I found out. (laughing)

Oh my goodness...

It wasn't sad, don't think that. It wasn't their intention to let me find out like that. I didn't get a phone call from all the producers. I got a conference call and they did apologize. That script ended up getting to me way earlier then it was supposed to. Their intention was to call me and let me know personally, but unfortunately that script got to me a little early. So when they did call me, I was on the phone with my mother, mourning the death of my character (both laughing) and I answered the other line and there was Ron [Moore], David [Eick] and Harvey [Frand]... I was like (imitating crying voice): "Hello?" and they were like: "Did you get over it?". (imitating crying voice): "I'm mourning, this is a bad time!" (both laughing). Yeah...

Was any of it... I know how distraught you were when they killed off the character...

Yeah, I really was.

Did you look at any of it and say: "Wow, this is a great episode for Kat!"

Yeah, I did and I'm really grateful for the episode, because I am a pilot and they could have killed me really fast. I could have just [been] blown up in my viper and there's the end of Kat, but they really did write me a nice episode. They went into my past and my death was very heroic, I feel. I'm very grateful for that episode. I think that was one of the best episodes I have done so far.

Did you have any input as to dialogue or any input in: if I'm going to die, this is how I want to go out.

No, I didn't.


Actually I ended up getting that. I ended getting the rewords. They weren't very clear. When I got the script it was very rough. We weren't really clear and I wasn't really clear why certain things were happening. I ended up getting the final draft the night before we actually shot. I was on the phone with Patrick Currie, the character who played Enzo the night before and we were trying to figure out: "Ok, what's the deal with us?", because it was never really said. So I was like: "What's the deal with us?" Something really bad must have happened between us or something really bad must have happened for me to leave and change my name and change my identity, because to me it was... Transporting drugs wasn't a big enough... wasn't a high enough stake for me, because if there's only 40,000 humans left who cares what my past was, that I used to run drugs. That wasn't... For me that wasn't enough for me to change my name, hide my identity, but when I realized... When they added that scene with me and Starbuck where she comes out and she says: "Sasha!" and accuses me of being a traitor. That's when I was like: "Wow!". That's something to work with. There's the reason why Kat did everything that she did, because she felt maybe the whole time that she had been responsible for the Cylons coming to Caprica and killing of humanity, pretty much.

To go into that episode. You said you have that new character Enzo who tells Kat: "I know who you are, Sasha!" and you talked about taking her identity. It does explain why she would be so upset, because it's possible that she had smuggled people, that ended up being Cylons... Do you think, looking back at it now, the reason that Kat became a great pilot so quickly is because she was a drugrunner?

No, I don't think that was why she became such a good pilot. I think she became such a good pilot because she had that guilt and she thought: "Oh my Gosh, maybe I was the one that did all of this. How can I make this up? How can I make up for what I've done? If I did bring the Cylons into Caprica and all this happened because I may have been part of it, unknowingly... How can I make that up?" and I think she couldn't live with that anymore and she needed to get out and she... Everything went down with the Cylons in Caprica and they killed everybody off. Everybody had to evacuate. I think that she... That's when she really had just like a spiritual awakening and said: "What am I doing with my life?". She wanted to be part of something good and be part of something worth living for, because I think what she was doing before was actually killing her, in fact. She was doing it to survive.

Okay. As you said when Starbuck says: "Sasha!", Kat begs her to let her tell Adama. We see that he's become that father figure to her.


So Kat really looked up to him didn't she?

Adama was like a father to her and I think that she really... That's the last person she wanted to disappoint was Adama. Even when I watch that scene now, when I watch "The Passage" now, it brings me to tears. Watching that scene with her and Adama.

Back in the episode "The Final Cut", when they're filming Kat, she yells: "Hi, mom!" during filming, assuming that her mom is still alive. Or is that something that comes to mind and makes her yell out?

Yeah and the truth of that is that I, if I recall correctly, that I added that line in and I think I did that with the intention of maybe the writers, writing something about, you know, expanding on my character.


So I think I kind of threw that line in: "Hi, mom!", thinking that maybe it would make a great story, like: "Oh, who's Kat's mom and what's up with Kat?". Everybody really does that, this is just getting work.

Enzo and Sasha have a romantic interlude on board the Galactica. Was there a previous relationship or did she just do this to keep him from revealing her true identity?

Uhm... Well, originally in the script: yes. Yes, they did have a relationship. When I watched the episode it seems it has been edited out where it seems like we were kind of working together, but when we shut that, we shut that with the intention that we were together. That he was my boyfriend and that he had a very strong hold on me. We shot that a few different ways. The way it was written was that Kat actually was thinking of going back to her past, but it wasn't working for me, as the actor, because I couldn't see why Kat wanted to do that. So we did one take where Kat was kind of like: "Ok, I'm going to sleep with him to just shut him up and not rat me out". And that's the scene they ended up using for which I'm really happy they did, since it's the only one that really made sense, because I think she really hated that guy.


Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica 2003

Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica 2003


Where there any other deleted scenes you would have liked seen to put into the episode?

Are you talking about "The Passage"?


Uhm... No, I think it was well edited. There were other scenes, but a lot of them didn't make sense to me. So I think that the way it was edited really made sense to me.

Okay. During the episode the fleet is very short on food and they have to make several jumps with some of the ships with a raptor alongside of each. After Kat's fourth jump with the Carina she's given what looks to be from her rad meter either lethal or almost lethal amount of radiation when the badge turns black. Why did she switch with Helo's batch to go on another run?

I think she just couldn't... I feel Kat couldn't live with her past and I think Starbuck had put so much pressure on her and she couldn't live with the fact that she might be considered a traitor. I think that was her last chance to reclaim herself and I think she just really felt bad about her past which Starbuck really made her feel horrible about. Who she was, her past and where she came from. When she almost lost that ship she thought: "I'm not going out like that".

So she wanted her life to mean something at the end?

Exactly, she wanted her life to mean something. You know, not be thought of as... Everybody has a past. It's not where you were, it's where you're at. This was where she was at now and I think she just wanted to reclaim herself.

One of the things I noticed was when she comes out of the ship after the fourth jump we don't see her getting nauseous, like all the other pilots who were all throwing up. Is there a reason for that. Did she get a fatal dose and just went past the nauseous stage?

Uhm... No, I think Kat felt nauseous. They just didn't shoot that part.

Okay. Though we do see her hair fall out.

Yep, the hair did fall out.

Were you happy with the way they filmed the death bed scene with Adama and Starbuck?

Yeah, I was really happy about that. I was really happy that they did put Starbuck in that scene, because I think that Kat always loved Starbuck as a sister. She really always admired Starbuck and for her to go out like that with her and Starbuck fighting... I think that would have been... I wouldn't have like Kat to go out like that. I'm really glad Starbuck was there and what an honor to have a scene like that with Edward James Olmos. And also how Kat felt about Adama. How she didn't really have a family and Adama was a father figure and he was there for her death and he stayed.

I thought it was a really touching moment when Sasha tries to admit to Adama about her past and he won't let her...

Are you calling Kat Sasha now? (laughing)

Well, I was thinking at this point when we've found out who she really is... I guess she still is Kat.

I feel that she's still Kat. I think that Sasha was a part of her past that she let go of and I think that Kat is Kat.


Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine and Edward James Olmos as Admiral William Adama in Battlestar Galactica 2003

Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine and Edward James Olmos as Admiral William Adama
in Battlestar Galactica 2003


Okay. Adama tells Kat that if he had a third child that he had wanted it to be a daughter and trying to say that he felt with her like a daughter.


...and ends up making her CAG, even after her death.

That was a really heartbreaking scene to shoot. I cried the whole time. It was really touching for me.I'm honored to be, for Kat to be promoted again, especially after all this, you know... How she felt about her past and stuff like that and to hear Adama say it doesn't matter. What you did and what you've done since you been here, your past doesn't matter anymore. You are who you are now and that's how we'll always see you. I think that Kat always wanted to belong some where. Doing good for people. She did a lot of bad things in her life. Strictly out of survival I feel.

A lot of people have a lot of baggage, but what you do with your future that's what is important.

Yes, exactly, you said it perfectly.

Was that the last scene that you shot?

That was the last scene that I shot and actually it was really funny that Eddie's [Edward Olmos] daughter was there. I think she's 7 or 8 years old. He had rehearsed that scene with his daughter the night before. His daughter came and his daughter wanted to see that scene being shot. So she sat behind the monitor and after the scene, after they'd finished shooting the scene, she had all my lines memorized and all of Eddie's lines memorized. She came up to us and Eddie was like: "How did you like the scene?" and she was like: "It was really good, but dad you screwed up three times and Luciana you screwed up two times!" (big laugh)

Was that the last you shot for Battlestar Galactica? Were there any background we that we will see upcoming?

Uhm... I guess you'll have to see!

That's true.

You'll have to see...

With Battlestar Galactica death isn't always final...


Is there any chance you can come back as a Cylon?

I don't know. We'll see, I guess.

Did you go to the wrap party?

No I missed the wrap party actually. I had every intention of going and then things came up and I had some meetings I had to go to. So I didn't end up going. Maybe next year.

You said that you and Bodie {Olmos] are always getting into mischief on and off the set.

Yeah, that's my bro.

That you were messing with the sound guys and were saying something vulgar and hoped they'd use it in the gag reel.

Oh yeah, that was something really funny, I hope they use it in the gag reel. I doubt they will...

Can you tell us what it was?

I can't tell you, because it's so vulgar.


(big laugh) No, it's really... But it to do with the death scene. The last death scene with me and Adama and I had said something and they were going to move my mouth You know, like we recorded something and they were going to put like visual effects to my mouth so it was like I was saying those lines.


They wanted me to do it when we were actually shooting it. The scene was just too heart wrenching that I just couldn't go there at that moment, so we just recorded it after. I don't know if they're going to use it though. It was really funny though. I wish I could tell you, but I can't. (laughing)


Eddie might get mad! (big laugh)

Were there any other practical jokes or things that you can share that you two got into?

Uhmmm... Not that I can think of from the top of my head. There was always something, me and him. You know when I first met Bodie [Olmos]... Like I said, we were both just like day players, we came in for two lines. He'd just  flown in from LA and he called me on my cell phone, I had never met the actor and he was like: "Hi, I'm playing Hotdog, you're playing Kat and I was wondering if we just could rehearse?" and I was laughing because we had one line. (both laughing) And he wants to rehearse! But I was like: "Wow, this actor really wants to rehearse this and wants to make something out of this scene!".  So, we went out for sushi and we tried to figure something out to make the scene, our one line, memorable.

If Kat had lived, have you thought about how her character would have developed with this new information about her background? Or did you know she was going to die, so it didn't cross you mind that what could have been?

No, more what happened was when I read that script, I was like: "Okay, what are they going to do with that?" because you never actually see Kat die, right?

No you don't.

You don't! Yeah, that's all what I'm going to say...

Do you have anything to tell the Battlestar Galactica fans after the death of your character? Just to keep tuning in?

I just keep saying: I just want to thank the fans for all their love and support. I mean, it's unbelievable. My myspace account has just blown up. And it's so touching, all the messages that I have gotten. I know my character wasn't the easiest character to like, but I think after "The Passage" a lot of people had a change of heart about the character, even me. And yeah, I'd just like to thank all and I'm so grateful for having had this opportunity.


Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica 2003

Luciana Carro as Louanne 'Kat' Katraine in Battlestar Galactica 2003


You attended the Gatecon Convention in Vancouver in 2005?

Yes, I did.

Have you had any other cons or do you have any scheduled in the future?

Uhm, yeah, I'd love to do conventions. I'm working with somebody right now who wants to book me for some conventions, so yeah, you might see me at some convention.

Great! You're doing Blades of Glory, due out in 2007?

Yes, I am!

Can you tell about it and your role in it?

A great movie, I got to work with Will Ferrell and Rob Corddry, who's a great actor. I wouldn't say I had the biggest part in it but it was honor to be able to work with Will Ferrell and see how he works. I mean, the guy doesn't go by script at all, he makes up his own lines and it was quite interesting seeing how Will Ferrell works. And Rob Corddry for that matter, they both make up there own lines, so you kind of got to go with it.

Do you have anything else lined up?

No, not right now. Nothing I could really talk about, I should say.

You've said you have a great love of animals? That if you had anything to do outside acting you'd be a veterinarian? 

Yeah! I probably wouldn't make any money, I'd never charge anybody. (laughing)

And that if you could have anything in the world that you would open an animal shelter with large parks for dogs to run around?

I would! That's my dream, yeah.

Where did this love of animals come from?

You know, for a very big part of my live I didn't live in a very... I lived in a not so good area, where there were a lot of animal problems, a lot of strays, a lot of people hurting animals and I spent a lot of time at the shelter and I just saw what was going on with the animals. How it was just overpopulated and people were mistreating them and it really just started to bother me, so that really would be my dream. To open up a really, really good shelter for homeless animals and rehabilitate them and make them adoptable so that they're not returned when they're peeing too much on the floor or barking too much. I just feel that people a lot of times use shelters... give these animals to people that aren't responsible and shouldn't have animals. I would really like to see something. So now these animals end up in the wrong hands and then they get given back and they get killed. I think that is very wrong. I don't think anybody should kill an animal and when somebody adops an animal, they should be responsible and be a good owner and train their animals.

Absolutely! You've said you went to Italy when you were 12?

Yeah, how did you know that?

It was on one of the interviews that you've done.

Oh, okay...

What brought that about?

Italy? I'm Italian, my background is Italian.

Were you born there?

No, I was born in Toronto. Both my parents are Italian and the last time I was there I was 12 years old. I really need to go back and reconnect with my roots.

You sponsor a child named Chudon from Tibet? Who do you do that through?

I can't really mention that actually.

Okay. Why did you decide to do this? How did you get the idea?

The child in Tibet? Because I could.

Do you write letters back and forth?

She sends me letters, I sned her packages: clothes and toys, stuff like that.

One last question: Tell us about your Barbie collection.

Oh my God. I got probably close to 300. Yeah, I collect Barbies, I'm a Barbie fanatic. (laughs) I basically collect the Barbies [for those that] I think are pretty.

Do you have boxes full of them?

Yeah, half of them aren't even displayed anymore. I don't even have room, so they just stay in boxes.

Do you have display cases or china cabinets with some of them...

OH YEAH! (big laugh) Oh yeah...

Do you have a favorite?

Yeah, Lucy Barbie is my favorite Barbie. I've got every single one and I think that was my first Barbie. A "I Love Lucy" Barbie.and I just then started to go crazy and started getting every Barbie that I loved, because of the way she looked or what she was wearing. I just buy her. So now I've got a really huge collection. And I think my mom started becoming a Barbie fanatic too, so every time I come home for Christmas she's bought me a few more Barbies. She pretends like they're for me, but they're really for her.

Is there anything that we haven't covered?

No, that's about it.

Okay. Well, I really appreciate you taking the time to do the interview.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

And we look forward in seeing you in future shows and films.

Thank you and you will. (laughs)

Thank you for your time

Thank you, Michael.

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