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Leah Cairns (Lt. Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson)

Leah Cairns 


Actress Name:  Leah Cairns

Character Name:  Lt. Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast on Season 1, 2 and 3.

Character Bio:  Lt. Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson is a raptor pilot aboard the Galactica. She harbors a deep hatred of the Cylons and she tends to have a dark, fairly cynical attitude. Racetrack accompanies Sharon "Boomer" Valerii on a mission to destroy a Cylon basestar. She witnesses Boomer's attempted assassination of William Adama in Galactica's CIC. Immediately after, Racetrack informs the CIC staff that Boomer returned from placing the nuclear warhead inside the basestar orbiting Kobol without her helmet on and that she probably gave away Galactica's position to the Cylons.

Racetrack aids the escape of President Laura Roslin from the brig by falsely claiming that her Raptor was having technical problems, enabling the furloughed Lee Adama to report to the hangar bay instead of the brig per his arrest. Racetrack continues to light candles for fallen comrades in the Cylon attack. She is almost certain she will eventually die on a mission, and is more focused on taking out as many Cylons as she can before that happens.

Along with many other pilots, Edmondson intially snubs Helo upon his return because of his romantic relationship with the Caprica-originated copy of Sharon Valerii. After she insults Kara Thrace over the matter, Starbuck pushes Racetrack face-first into a card table.

During Starbuck's rescue mission for the Caprica Resistance, Racetrack serves as ECO on one of the 20 Raptors to make a series of ten jumps, aided by a Cylon navigation system. On the first jump, Racetrack's Raptor jumps to the wrong coordinates, ending up in a gas cloud. Starbuck and the main group proceed on without her. Preparing to return to Galactica, Racetrack picks up a lot of gravity distortions on her sensors and upon clearing the gas cloud she discovers a habitable planet that the Fleet could colonize. Though the planet turned out to be marginally habitable at best, it would later be named New Caprica, and most of the human survivors of the Fleet would settle down there permanently. 

On a routine patrol around the Fleet, her Raptor suffers from an engine and RCS malfunction, due to impurities in its tylium fuel. Unable to regain control and on a collision course with Colonial One, Racetrack and her ECO Hamish McCall are forced to eject from the Raptor. The craft collides with Colonial One, causing moderate hull damage and several injuries, but no fatalities.

Racetrack instructs nuggets in basic Raptor operations and technology to prepare them for flying.

Actress Bio:  Leah Cairns was born on June 2, 1974, in North Vancouver, Canada and was raised in Kamloops BC. At the age of 3 Cairns started dancing, which became her biggest passion for the next 13 years. Cairns' career as a dancer came to an abrupt end when she was hit by a drunk driver at the age of 16 and broke her back. While the rest of her dance troop competed at the North American Championship, she decided not to stay at home and mope about it and Leah went on an environmental research trip to Costa Rica. Cairns was caught by the travel bug and it set her off to visit 36 countries in eight years.

While staying at an ashram in India Leah Cairns attended an improv night and was encouraged to pick up acting. When she later returned to Canada she decided to pick it up as a hobby first, but by the end of her first class Cairns decided to try acting professionally and a career was born.

Leah Cairns' first starring role was on the movie Thralls (Blood Angels) where she played the role of Leslie a sexy, ass kicking half vampire. Cairns has appeared in numerous TV shows, including The Chris Isaak Show, Tru Calling, Supernatural, and Saved. Leah Cairns appeared along side Bradly Cooper and Jason Priestly in I Want To Marry Ryan Banks, a TV movie that spoofed reality TV shows. Leah Cairns starred as Jenna in the popular Canadian series Godiva's, a waitress and inspiring dancer, a role she could really relate to. Leah Cairns was nominated for a 2006 Leo Award (British Columbia's version of the Emmys) for Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Dramatic Series for this part. Leah Cairns was only meant to appear in one episode as the bitter raptor pilot Lt. Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson on the critically acclaimed show Battlestar Galactica, but impressed with her performance Cairns was kept on the show and has appeared in over 25 episodes. Leah Cairns currently stars on the second season of Kyle XY as the tough and witty Emily Hollander. She also stars in the webvideo project Sanctuary and co-starred with Al Pacino in the movie 88 Minutes.

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Trivia:  Leah Cairns has a Chihuahua named Godiva (after the series she starred in) because she got the dog on the day she booked the part.

Leah Cairns also auditioned for the part of Six (now played by Tricia Helfer). During her audition for Lt. Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson she walked into a bathroom stall door, because she was late and in a hurry. 

Leah Cairns watched the airfights in Top Gun 15 times to understand the lingo required for the part of Racetrack.

What she's doing now:   Leah Cairns is currently starring on Scifi Channel's Battlestar Galactica, Kyle XY, the webvideo project Sanctuary and the movie 88 Minutes with Al Pacino which was brought out in 2007. She just finished filming the movie Helen

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