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Michael Trucco (Samuel Anders)

Michael Trucco 


Actor Name:  Michael Trucco

Character Name:  Samuel Anders 

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast on Season 2 and 3.

Character Bio:  Samuel Anders is introduced us as a resistance leader on Cylon-occupied Caprica. He was also a star pyramid player with the Caprica Buccaneers (or "Bucks"). A detachment of Galactica crew sent to recover the Arrow of Apollo from the Tomb of Athena encounters the resistance movement and promises to return and rescue them from Caprica. During the collaboration between the Galactica team and the resistance movement, Anders and Starbuck fall in love before Starbuck is forced to return to the Fleet. Anders is eventually rescued by Starbuck and brought to the Fleet, where they continue their relationship, and suddenly marry, much to Apollo's chagrin.

While on New Caprica, Anders formed and led the New Caprica Resistance Movement to counter the imprisonment of key New Caprican citizens. He also helped form The Circle, an internal "drumhead" type committee that would secretly prosecute and execute humans that were convicted of collaboration with the Cylons. Kara's involvement with the organization would renew their marital stress. Before long, their marriage was again soured as the stresses of New Caprica and of Lee and Kara's "competing" affair take hold. Despite an eventual reconciliation between Kara and Sam, the continued stresses drive Anders to drink, and probably contribute to Kara's apparent surrender to death on an investigatory Viper mission.

Kara's death weighs heavily on Anders' mind, and he makes a scene in the docking bay just two weeks after it happens. As a result, he breaks his leg, but then decides to follow in Kara's footsteps and becomes a pilot in training. He starts to begin a new relationship with presidential aide Tory Foster, only to realize that they, as well as Galen Tyrol, are hearing things. Specifically, as they get closer to the Ionian nebula, they find themselves driven by a strange music. The three encounter Saul Tigh in Galactica's gym, where they realize they are all sleeper Cylons. They agree to continue being loyal to the human fleet.

Actor Bio:  Edward Michael Trucco was born on June 22, 1970 in San Mateo, California, the son of a police officer. He was interested in being a cop himself, until his college days, when he was attracted to theatrical performance. He took a theatre course for non-majors while he was studying Criminal Justice, but did so well that he was asked to consider changing majors. He changed majors and completed his BA in Theatre Arts at the University of Santa Clara.

He became active in television in the late 1990's with appearances in episodes of popular series including Touched by An Angel, Silk Stalkings, Beverly Hills: 90210, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and Pensacola: Wings of Gold among others. He continued appearing in shows of similar genres like CSI, Wishmaster 4, Heartbeart, Strong Medicine, CSI: Miami, and others into the 2000's. His latest TV efforts consist of several episodes of One Tree Hill, and of course his current role as "Sam Anders" on Battlestar Galactica.

IMDB Link:  Michael Trucco

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Official Website:  Michael Truco - official website

Trivia:  Michael Trucco is the lead guitarist in a band called "Simpleworld".

What he's doing now:  Currently starring on Scifi Channel's Battlestar Galactica and just completed filming the movie Next, with Nicholas Cage and Jessica Biehl, scheduled for release in September 2007.

Interviews:  Michael Trucco GALACTICA.TV interview


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