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Nicki Clyne (Petty Officer Cally Henderson Tyrol)

Nicki Clyne 


Actress Name:  Nicki Clyne

Character Name:  Petty Officer Cally (Callandra) Henderson Tyrol

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast on Mini-Series, Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and the Web Episodes.

Character Bio:  We first meet Cally as a deckhand aboard the battlestar Galactica under supervision of Chief Galen Tyrol. She joined the Colonial Fleet as a means to go to dental school and ended up on the Galactica.

After Commander Adama was shot and Sharon "Boomer" Valerii was escorted to prison Cally shoots the assasin. She ends up in jail, but is released after Chief Tyrol convinces Commander Adama to give her a lenient sentence of just 30 days for "discharging a firearm without permission". 

She crashes on Kobol on a mission gone wrong and is almost shot by Crashdown for disobeying a direct order. She is saved by Dr. Gaius Baltar who shoots Crashdown just before he shoots her.

Cally is accidentally severly beaten by Chief Tyrol who is haunted by nightmares. She forgives him, states his love for him and they eventually end up marrying. They have a son together named Nicolas.

Following suicide attacks by the insurgency led in part by her husband, Cally Tyrol is picked up by members of the New Caprica Police in a night-time raid. James "Jammer" Lyman, in his role with the NCP, discovers that she has been earmarked for execution, and asks Sharon Valerii to save her life. Valerii remarks that she does not know what she can do, as internal security is under the proviso of a different ministry. Henderson angrily tells Valerii to "go away and leave us alone" if she can't help her. Jammer ends up cutting her bonds, allowing her to escape and while running she ends straight in the arms of Chief Tyrol, arriving with a resistance sniper team, who end up saving the whole group.

Cally Tyrol and her family are evacuated along with most of the human population of New Caprica. Tyrol attends the ship-wide boxing match with her husband and son and watches from the sidelines as her husband fights and defeats Admiral Adama. She recovers from decompression sickness injuries sustained in an explosive decompression incident while being rescued from a depressurizing airlock along with her husband.

Tyrol's relationship with her husband deteriorates as he becomes consumed with his discovery, unknown to her, that he is a Cylon. She grows angry at his constant absence, some of which is due to his meeting with fellow Cylons Foster, Tigh, and Anders. Moreover, she develops a sleeping disorder and becomes reliant on medication. Awakening one night to find him out of bed and out of their quarters, she finds him in Joe's bar with Foster and witnesses Foster making a pass at him. Tyrol confronts him in a rage, assuming that he is having an affair.

Later, she finds a note in their cabin with instructions for a time and place for a meeting. Thinking that it is a note from Foster, she goes to the place of the rendezvous, only to discover her husband, Tigh, and Foster going into a weapons locker together and closing the hatch. She opens a panel in the corridor and squeezes into a crawlspace where she can hear what her husband and the others are saying. To her horror, she discovers that her husband is a Cylon. She makes a noise, which the others hear. In her flight from the crawlspace, Tyrol leaves the wall panel ajar, which Foster discovers. When Galen returns to their cabin, she knocks him unconscious with a heavy wrench and then takes Nicky to the hangar deck, intending to commit murder-suicide by expelling him and herself out a Viper launch tube. Before she can do so, Foster shows up, convinces her to stop, and then offers to carry Nicky. As soon as Tyrol turns her son over, however, Foster knocks her down and takes Nicky into the control room, from which she expels Tyrol into space. The scene ends with a final shot of Tyrol's frozen, dead face drifting in space.

Actress Bio:  5' 6" actress Nicki Clyne, was born on February 11, 1983 in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Her sign is Pisces. Nicki Graduated from Hugh Boyd Secondary School in Richmond, June 2000. While Nicki said she could not sing, she played Annie on stage in a local production of Little Orphan Annie in high school.

One of her favorite directors is Tim Burton. According to one of her first roles was in The Hostage Negotiator in 2001. Nicki also acted along width Battlestar Galactica alumni Paul Campbell in the independent Canadian film titled Ill-Fated. Nicki was nominated for Best Actress for that film, in the Leo Awards.

Some of her other work includes guest appearances on Smallville, The L Word, The Twilight Zone and other Canadian run productions. Nicki's big break is arguably her roll as Specialist Crewmen Cally on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica Mini-Series and TV series of the same name. Nicki received more screen time in season two and is listed as a regular cast member. In the first half of season four her character was murdered.

Nicki will also appear in a VH1 production in early 2006 called Totally Awesome. She currently looking for new acting parts and together with a few friends she is developing an online community for college students that, that invokes and inspires critical thoughts, and connecting with people who share values.

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Official (Fan) Website:  Nicki Clyne's Official Blog  /  Nicki Clyne Fan Site

Trivia:  She has taken courses at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

What she's doing now:  She currently looking for new acting parts and together with a few friends she is developing an online community for college students that, that invokes and inspires critical thoughts, and connecting with people who share values.

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