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Paul Campbell (Billy Keikeya)

Paul Campbell 


Actress Name:  Paul Campbell

Character Name:  Billy Keikeya

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast on Mini-Series, Season 1 and 2

Character Bio:  Billy Keikeya is a young but talented member of President Laura Roslin's staff. He debated at school and is extremely organized, although his math skills are not quite as brilliant. He had a family who died on Picon during the attack, including a brother. Billy enters the story when he accompanies Roslin to the decommissioning ceremonies of the battlestar Galactica. His insight helps him become among the first to realize that Roslin is suffering from cancer.

Following the Cylon attack, Billy is promoted to the position of senior aide and spokesperson to the new president Roslin. His tasks include tallying the numbers of survivors in the fleet and keeping records for the dead. He also organized an attempt to get prisoners to help the Fleet obtain water. Keikeya is around when Roslin overdoses on Chamalla and calls for help on an open channel by accident. He stands by her despite his growing doubts about her religious stance and her actions during the search for the Arrow of Apollo, although after Lee Adama helps break her out of prison he parts ways with the President.

Adama brings Billy with him when he chases after Roslin and a third of the fleet, who have gone looking for the Tomb of Athena. The commander thinks Roslin will listen to Billy and reveals that Roslin believed Billy might eventually become president himself. Once reunited with Roslin, Keikeya becomes one of the few to enter the Tomb of Athena and view the map to Earth.

His social life begins to blossom when he strikes up a relationship with Anastasia Dualla, although they disagree about prisoner Tom Zarek's motivations-Keikeya believes he is more or less a good man fighting for what's right. When he proposes to Dee sometime after the Tomb of Athena incident, she turns him down and goes out with Lee. He sees them and starts to confront her, but the bar is taken hostage by civilians who want custody of Sharon Valerii. Billy saves Dee, but is killed in the process.

Actor Bio:  Born June 22, 1979, in Vancouver and raised in nearby White Rock, Paul Campbell spent most of his younger life wanting to be a carpenter, most likely due to the influences of his handy father and grandfather. And, despite a lingering love of acting fostered by performing in a high-school play, Campbell eventually did become a carpenter, framing houses for four years. But "after one too many wood splinters," he enrolled in the Capilano College theater program. During one of his last performances at the college, a small role in a production of Cinderella.

Campbell was spotted and later signed on by a Vancouver talent manager. He has since been featured in several TV projects, including The Dead Zone for USA Network, John Doe, Black Sash and Andromeda (recurring as Lt. Bowlus) and NBC's Nobody's Watching. He starred for two seasons as president's aide Billy Keikeya on the new Battlestar Galactica series. His films include The Perfect Score and a lead role in the Canadian independent feature Ill-Fated in which he starred with Battlestar Galactica actress Kandyse McClure.

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What he's doing now:  Currently starring on NBC's Nobody's Watching and the movie 88 Minutes with Al Pacino 

Interviews:  Paul Campbell GALACTICA.TV interview


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