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Authorized Battlestar Galactica 2003 Autographs
Written by Marcel Damen   
Friday, 17 November 2006

About one year ago the reputable UACC autograph dealer Iconographs set up a special site, called Battlestar Galactica Autographs. On this site they sell signed photos of the Battlestar Galactica 2003 series, that come directly from the set in Canada itself.

With the coming of the internet, buying signatures or signed photos has never been easier. Signatures that you once had to look for years to find are now within reach and offered by the dozen. When you look closely, you'll find that many dealers are making easy money by selling forgeries.  Unfortunately, marketplaces like eBay shamelessly close their eyes to it! (since they claim they don't have enough manpower to police it and that it's the responsibility of the buyer to check whether they are real or not). It is estimated that 70% of sports signatures on eBay are forgeries, and it's probably not a bad assumption that these same statistics apply to Galactica autographs as well.

In the search of finding reputable dealers, you'll quickly come across something called the UACC (The Universal Autograph Collectors Club). This club educates collectors on the hobby, but also has a code of ethics all members are required to abide by. The registered autograph dealers that belong to this club have to go through a thorough application and review process before they are admitted and are also regularly checked to see if they still abide by the code of ethics. They are also looked at by other UACC dealers, in order to ensure their Club's reputation.

One of the largest UACC dealers on the internet nowadays is Iconographs which is based in Las Vegas. They have a large collection of contemporary celebrity autographs at fair prices in their online store. With a large crew of in-person collectors across the US, as a collector you are assured of the real thing, since nothing is more important than spending your hard earned money on something you need to know 100% sure is real.

Full Galactica Cast signed photo 

Iconographs also saw the need of the Battlestar Galactica 2003 fans for genuine signed photos of the cast and opened up Battlestar Galactica Autographs, which they solely sell signed photos by the cast of this series. Iconograph's founder Brian Eick, brother to Galactica's producer David Eick, found a unique connection to the studios in Canada and is periodically refilling his stock with new signed photos. These signatures come from the set itself, so you can be certain of it's authenticity. 

They recently started a private signing on which you could order a signed and even personalized photo of any cast member on the show today. Long time Battlestar Galactica autograph collectors like Mike and I couldn't be more happy. Not only are you assured of genuine signatures, the chance to get your items to be signed by anyone on the set is incredible. A unique opportunity no autograph collector with Battlestar Galactica 2003 interest should pass up on. Once you calculate how much money you spend on going to a convention and getting a similar photo signed in-person you'll quickly find that their prices are more than fair (not even counting the fact that some of the cast aren't even doing conventions). 

Olmos/McDonnell signed photo 

You should regularly check up on new photos (since they refresh quite often) and I can't wait until they start selling props from the set as well, like the site is stating as "Coming Soon".

The Authorized Battlestar Galactica Autographs website

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