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Luciana Carro (Capt. Louanne "Kat" Katraine / "Sasha")

Luciana Carro 


Actress Name:  Luciana Carro

Character Name:  Capt. Louanne "Kat" Katraine ("Sasha") 

Episode Appearances:  Regular Cast on Season 2 and 3.

Character Bio:  After an accident where 13 experienced pilots are killed Louanne Katraine is picked to become Galactica's first intake of trainee pilots under the instruction of Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. On their first day of training, none of the trainees perform well when they have to fly a Viper immediately. Kara washes out the entire group but William Adama reinstates them. During a raid to secure a tylium mine she, Brendan "Hot Dog" Constanza and Lee Adama save the day and are greated as heroes.

Kat is promoted from cadet to Lieutenant, but the mounting perssure of service in the Fleet makes her become dependent on stims. She becomes emotionally unstable and is even pulled from flight status for some time when she crashes her viper into the landing bay. By the time they meet up with the Pegasus she's reinstated already and is even made CAG of the Galactica flight team, since both Apollo and Starbuck are signed to the Pegasus now.

Though Kat admires Starbuck, she's upset with Starbuck's apparant behavior issues. Kat has become a skilled tactical pilot and the rivalry comes to a head when her and Starbuck want to take out a Cylon raider ace named "Scar". Starbuck lets Kat deliver the killing blow.

While many settle on New Caprica, Kat sys behind on the Pegasus and is promoted to CAG again. When the fleets reunites in space again a food shortage demands a risky job of guiding civilian ships through a radiaton field to a food source on the other side. Kat is confrontated with her past as a drugrunner and maybe even (accidental) Cylon smuggling by a man named Enzo. He calls her by her real name: "Sasha". Kat switches radiation batches with Helo and receives a deadly dose in an attempt to save the ship she's lost in which she succeeds. On her deathbed she recieves an apology by Starbuck who confronted her with her past earlier and when she wants to come clean with Adama he doesn't want to hear it. He posthumous promotes her to CAG again (a rank she lost to Apollo after the Pegasus was destroyed).   

Actress Bio:  Luciana Carro was born March 23, 1981, in Toronto, Canada to Italian parents (though she was last there when she was 12 years old). Being a shy girl her parents encouraged her to go into acting which she did.

She moved to Vancouver in 2000 to become a professional actress and started out in TV series like The Chris Isaak Show, Smallville and The L-Word. These led to her getting a part in the Battlestar Galactica 2003 series as Louanne "Kat" Katraine, a trainee viper pilot that quickly grew out to become an ace pilot and a regular part on the series.

Her performance on the Battlestar Galactica series was quickly noted by film producers and she starred in White Chicks, Two for the Money (alongside Al Pacino) and Dr. Dolittle 3. She was also cast for the recurring role of Stephanie Meyer on the critically acclaimed Everwood.

IMDB Link:  Luciana Carro

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Official (Fan) Website:  Luciana Carro's Fan Board

Trivia:  She love animals and hopes to open her own animal shelter one day.

She has a big Barbie collection of over 300 pieces and has many of them on display. Also her mother is a fanatic fan and gives her new ones for Christmas.

What she's doing now:  She starred on ABC Family's Snowglobe and is currently filming a new movie. 

Interviews:  Luciana Carro GALACTICA.TV interview


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