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Matthew Bennett (Aaron Doral / Cylon #5)

Matthew Bennett 


Actor Name:  Matthew Bennett

Character Name:  Aaron Doral / Cylon #5

Episode Appearances: Regular Cast on Mini-Series, Season 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Character Bio:  The Cylon known as Number Five, or alternately as Aaron Doral, was first encountered as a public relations executive aboard the Galactica. Using an outwardly efficient and polite demeanor, he helps to coordinate the ship's decommissioning ceremony although he does mock the Galactica as antiquated. Later, he protests Laura Roslin's leadership and begins working to get Captain Lee Adama on his side-an attempt that fails. Later he becomes Baltar's fall guy, and is arrested and thrown into the brig. It becomes clear after he is left at the Ragnar Anchorage space station that he is one of the humanoid Cylon models. The Cylons rescue and debrief him.

Another copy of Number Five acts as a suicide bomber aboard Galactica. Using stolen explosives, he creates a bomb that explodes in a corridor. No one is sure exactly who the target is, although some believe it was Gaius Baltar. The copy may have been looking for a command staffer or sensitive area and detonated when he encountered Commander Adama. Yet another copy appears on Caprica, where he is an overseer working with Number Six to observe and control the experiment using Karl "Helo" Agathon and Sharon "Boomer" Valerii.  Other copies of Number Five have appeared here and there-several on Caprica, where one is one of the "rebirth nurses" that welcome new Cylons, another serves coffee at a café and one more rescues two Cylon humanoids from the ruins of a garage. A Five helps lead the invasion of New Caprica.

Number Five is designed to wreak discontent and in times of confusion. He networks, undermines authority and acts covertly with military precision. Five is a fanatic and believes wholeheartedly in Cylon objectives. Although he has once or twice expressed an admiration for human passion, he is one of the models least sympathetic to his creators.

Actor Bio:  Matthew Bennett born on April 9, 1968 in Toronto, Canada. At the age of 20 he moved from his hometown to Vancouver to pursue an acting acreer. He studied theater school for two years and after that acted in TV series like The X-Files and The Commish and telefilms like A Killer Among Friends, Anything for Love and Relentless: Mind of a Killer. He currently resides in Vancouver but works in Toronto as well.

Matthew is best known for his part as Detective Len Harper on the Canadian police drama Cold Squad for which he has been nominated for both a Gemini and Leo award. Next to that he played the lead role of Lieutenant James Calley on the Showtime series Total Recall 2070 and the 1998 telefilm by the same name. Next to that he guest starred in many TV series like Stargate SG-1, The Peacemakers, Da Vinci's Inquest, Criminal Minds and At the Hotel.

He's married to actress Brittaney Bennett (formerly Brittaney Edgell), best known for her parts on series as Highlander, Forever Knight and Earth: Final Conflict. Brittaney starred in the movie Kick Me Down that Matthew Bennett wrote and directed.  

IMDB Link:  Matthew Bennett

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Official Website:  Matthew Bennett - The Actor's Web Site 

Trivia:  There's also an award winning painter named Matthew Bennett and an auction house name Matthew Bennett, Inc. (all not related).

He's an avid skier and can be found on the mountains of British Columbia in the winter, and running the local trails in the summer.

He has a keen interest in architectural and industrial photography. 

What he's doing now:  He's currently writing and directing his own movie Kick Me Down.  

Interviews:  Matthew Bennett GALACTICA.TV interview / Matthew Bennett GALACTICA.TV interview 2


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