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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 1978 - Lost Planet of the Gods

Part 1: Apollo and Starbuck discover a void in space. Boomer and Jolly discover a Cylon listening outpost on an asteroid. Jolly is critically dizzy at the return to Galactica. Nevertheless Boomer skips decontamination at the excitement of Apollo's bachelor's send-off party.

Part 2: While Commander Adama leads the rag-tag fleet of ships to the planet Kobol, where he hopes to find clues of Earth's location, Starbuck is taken prisoner by the Cylons as an important part of a renewed peace plan plot by Baltar.

Guest Stars:

  • Jane Seymour - Serina
  • Janet Julian (Janet Louise Johnson) - Lt. Brie
  • Sheila DeWindt - Lt. Deitra
  • Janet Lynn Curtis - Sorrell 
  • Paul Coufos - Guard
  • Leann Hunley - Female Warrior #1
  • Jennifer Joseph - Female Warrior #2
  • Millicent Crisp - Female Warrior #3
  • Gay Thomas (Wilson) - Female Warrior #4
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