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Lloyd Bridges (Cmdr. Cain)

Lloyd Bridges

Actor Name:  Lloyd Bridges

Character Name:  Commander Cain

Episode Appearances:  Guest Star on the episode "The Living Legend (Parts 1 & 2)"

Character Bio:  Cain is the commander of the Battlestar Pegasus, which was thought to have been destroyed along with the Fifth Fleet at the Battle of Molecay. However, Cain escaped destruction and ordered his ship into deep space to elude the Cylons. The Pegasus then headed for Gamoray, the former Delphian Empire. It was near Gamoray that Viper scouts from the Pegasus and the now fuel-thirsty Galactica would discover each other. This led to a regretfully temporary warm reunion between Adama and Cain. During this reunion, Adama would learn that Gamoray was now the Cylons' outer capital and boasted a major fuel base.

Disagreements in subjects ranging from combat tactics, to internal affairs, to long-term strategy would plague the two commanders. During a squabble over fuel transfer, Adama temporarily relieved Cain of his command, placing Colonel Tigh at the helm of the Pegasus until Cain professed his error in judgment. The two battlestars inevitably joined forces to attack Gamoray and take the fuel they needed to re-supply the rag-tag fleet. Cain was reinstated to carry out this task. The battle that ensued was fierce. While the Galactica's teams collected fuel, Cain again disobeyed orders, and took on three pursuing Cylon baseships alone. While at least two of the three attacking baseships were destroyed, the fate of the Pegasus and of Cain is unknown.

(Author's Note: We later learned from series creator Glen Larson that Cain would have been resurrected in the second season. Cain's survival and future return was also mentioned by the mysterious Count Iblis in the later episode, "War of the Gods".)

Actor Bio:  Lloyd Bridges is perhaps best known for his leading role in the hit series Sea Hunt (1958-61). It is said that his portrayal of Cain is loosely based on Mike Nelson, from this series. He was born on January 15, 1913 in San Leandro, California. He was graduated from UCLA in 1931. During his college years, he met Dorothy Dean Simpson, whom he would star opposite in the play March Hares and eventually marry in 1939. His movie career took off in 1941 when he was signed on by Columbia Pictures. He would appear in classics such as Little Big Horn, High Noon, and Sahara.

In the 1950's, Bridges was blacklisted for allegedly being involved with political groups connected to the Communist Party. This allegation would almost destroy his career in the early 1950's until he was cleared by the FBI. In the 60's and 70's, he garnered roles in various Western series (The Loner, Joe Forrester). Bridges would eventually go on to star in a number of airplane-based comedies on the silver screen including Airplane, Airplane II, and Hot Shots. He also made appearances in some very successful mini-series (Roots, How the West Was Won and others).

IMDB Link:  Lloyd Bridges

Wikipedia Link:  Lloyd Bridges  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  Lloyd Bridges 

Official Website:  None Listed

Trivia:  Bridges was an avid environmentalist, working with several activist groups including “Heal the Bay” and The American Oceans Campaign.

What he's doing now:  Lloyd Bridges died on March 10, 1998.



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