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Sarah Rush (Flight Cpl. Rigel)

Sarah Rush

Actress Name:  Sarah Rush

Character Name:  Flight Cpl. Rigel

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast

Character Bio:  Flight Corporal Rigel is the soft-spoken straight-laced bridge officer most closely resembling an LSO. There is not much character development of her beyond her steadfast and confident guidance of launch activities aboard the Galactica. She also coordinates ground and targeting information to and from Viper pilots. She supported her colleagues wherever she could, even in demonstration of morale. She was vital support, both tactical and moral, in the all-female asteroid expedition that gathered samples to determine the disease which struck down most of the Galactica's strike wing.

Actress Bio:  Sarah Rush was born on September 20, 1955. Battlestar Galactica was among her first regular TV series. Occasional appearances from that time period included Quincy, M.E., Happy Days, The Incredible Hulk, Monty, and others. Appearances became rarer after this period; Rush would play a guest role on a series once every few years, plus an occasional movie (The Nude Bomb, Joni, Talking to Strangers). She disappeared almost completely from television from 1986-96. She went through a divorce and a number of family illnesses during this period, which helped explain the slowdown in her career. In 1998, she had a guest spot on Everybody Loves Raymond. In 2000, she appeared on an episode of Chicken Soup for the Soul. And in 2002, she appeared on an episode of Friends. She has done a TV interview on a talk show since (in 1996). In 1999, she married Fred Bova. Her acting career would soon pick up speed as she won roles in Fangs, Max Keeble's Big Movie, and Catch Me If You Can. She narrated a document in 2005 called The Bitumous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania.

IMDB Link:  Sarah Rush

Wikipedia Link:  Sarah Rush  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  Sarah Rush 

Official (Fan) Website:  Sarah Rush Official Website

Trivia:  Sarah Rush understudied for Kathleen Turner in the Broadway production of Toyer, which played at the Kennedy Center.

What she's doing now:  Unknown. Occasionally appears at conventions.



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