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Tony Swartz (Flight Sgt. Jolly)

Tony Swartz

Actor Name:  Tony Swartz

Character Name:  Flight Sgt. Jolly

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast 

Character Bio:  Jolly was the Colonial Warrior, and close friend of Boomer, Starbuck, and Apollo. He was almost constantly the butt of fat jokes. He often cracked jokes about himself in the same vein. Despite this, he was a well-valued crew member, and participated in many important missions for the Galactica. Jolly is often one those tasked with leading Viper squadrons when Starbuck and Apollo are indisposed. 

Actor Bio:  Tony Swartz was born on September 24, 1943 in Iowa. He was married to Helen Blume. They have one child, Kathryn. 

His acting career seems to run from about 1975 to 1992. Most of his credits were TV guest appearances, except for his main cast role in the original Battlestar Galactica. Other appearances include parts on The Invisible Man, Dynasty, Kojak, Serpico, The Golden Girls and others.  TV movies include Maneaters are Loose!, Crash Landing: Rescue of Flight 232, Convicted, No Man's Land, and others.

IMDB Link:  Tony Swartz

Official Website:  None Listed.


What he's doing now:  Tony Swartz has worked on a number of documentary and promotional films. Last credit to his name is as a crew member on About Schmidt in 2002.



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