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Storyboards of "Saga of a Star World" Part 3
Written by Marcel Damen   
Thursday, 03 September 2009

This gallery shows the third part of the (early) storyboards (by Martin Kline?) of the Battlestar Galactica pilot "Saga of a Star World". They're based on an early version of the pilot script. We continue in the storyline of the Cylons attacking the homeworld. On Caprica Lyra, later to be named Serina, reports the attack. After the destruction of the planets, we see the exodus starting up to form the ragtag fleet which will journey on a quest to find that shining planet called Earth.


Storyboard page of Battlestar Galactica's pilot 'Saga of a Star World'

Storyboard page of Battlestar Galactica's pilot "Saga of a Star World"


Only here we see the first of Starbuck (with mustache) as just one of the Viper pilots (also Boomer and Jolly are shown). The cardgame Starbuck is in and his buddy/wingman relationship with Skyler/Apollo isn't fleshed out all that much yet. Strangely the scene showing the shock of Adama losing his son is missing in this set. Also the betrayal of Baltar, Adama setting foot on Caprica and inspiring the people to join him on this quest for Earth aren't in here. Hence why it could very well be this particular storyboard was only used to make the Special Effects shots and why several normal set scenes were skipped.

The set I have has about 200 storyboard pages in total. Check out Storyboards of "Saga of a Star World" Part 1 and Storyboards of "Saga of a Star World" Part 2 to see the rest of them.


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