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D'Anna/Number Three squares off against Adama over the Temple of the Five. Athena asks for Helo's aid in her plan to rescue Hera. On the algae planet, Apollo orders Dee to leave her defended position in order to save Kara. Anders helps Apollo to hold off the Cylon Centurion attack. Another copy of D'Anna finds the Temple and continues her search for the identities of the Final Five. Her messianic complex begins to concern the other Cylons.

Guest Stars:

  • Eileen Pedde - Gunnery Sergeant Erin Mathias
  • Lily Duong-Walton - Hera Agathon
  • Alisen Down - Jean Barolay
  • Diego Diablo Del Mar - Hillard
  • Brad Dryborough - Lt. Hoshi
  • Aleks Paunovic - Sgt. Omar Fischer
  • Tygh Runyan - Pvt. Sykes
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