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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2003 - Someone to Watch Over Me

Kara befriends a piano player who reminds her of her father. She also receives a mysterious drawing from young Hera Agathon. "Boomer" faces punishment for her support of Cavil in the Cylon civil war. She reconnects with Chief Tyrol and shares her visions of a peaceful life on Picon. However, her life on Galactica is much less tranquil.

Guest Stars:

  • Torrance Coombs - Lance Corporal C. Sellers
  • Ivan Cermak - Corporal D. Wallace
  • Curtis Caravaggio - Nathanson
  • Cherilynn Fulbright - Dionne
  • Patrick Gilmore - Rafferty
  • Samantha Caine - Off-duty Crew Person
  • Erika-Shaye Gair - Young Kara
  • Darcy Laurie - Dealino
  • Sonja Bennett - Specialist Marcie Brasko
  • Iliana Gomez-Martinez - Hera Agathon
  • Roark Critchlow - Slick
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