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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2003 - The Road Less Travelled

Specialist Tyrol continues to sink into despair after his recent loss. He becomes curious about Gaius Baltar's sermons and the following he has attracted. The crew of the Demetrius grow concerned about Kara's mental stability as an old enemy arrives with a tempting offer.

Guest Stars:

  • Alisen Down - Jean Barolay
  • Finn R. Devitt - Nicholas Tyrol ("Baby Nicky")
  • Lara Gilchrist - Paulla Schaffer
  • Leela Savasta - Tracey Anne
  • Keegan Connor Tracy - Jeanne
  • Eileen Pedde - Sgt. Erin Mathias
  • Lori Ann Triolo - Phoebe
  • Ryan McDonell - Lt. Eammon "Gonzo" Pike
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