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BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 2003 - The Ties That Bind

Kara Thrace seeks her own path in the search for Earth as the commander of a lone freighter. The Cylons face the threat of the newly sentient Centurions unleashed by Natalie, a copy of Number Six. On the Galactica, a member of the crew learns a dark secret about a loved one.

Guest Stars:

  • Christina Schild - Playa Palacios
  • Ryan McDonell - Lt. Eammon "Gonzo" Pike
  • Andrew McIlroy - Jacob Cantrell
  • Judith Maxie - Picon Delegate
  • Biski Gugushe - Sekou Hamilton
  • Marilyn Norry - Reza Chronides
  • Donna Soares - Speaking Delegate #1
  • Iris Paluly - Speaking Delegate #2
  • Leo Li Chiang - Tattooed pilot (uncredited)
  • Finn R. Devitt - Nicholas Tyrol (credited as Baby Nicky)
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