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John Heard (Cmdr. Barry Garner)

John Heard


Actor Name:  John Heard

Character Name:  Commander Barry Garner

Episode Appearances:  Guest Star in the episode "The Captain's Hand"

Character Bio:  We first meet Cmdr. Garner just after he is promoted to command the Pegasus in response to the sudden murder of Cmdr. (and former XO) Jack Fisk at the hands of Phelan and his Black Market. Commander Garner is a very "by the books" kind of guy, very formal, and very brusque. We also learn that he is an Engineer, with no command experience. He is used to dealing with instruments and machinery; he has no people skills or experience in working directly with other personnel in an authority position.

This key flaw in Garner's character would make itself very clear when the Pegasus is lured into a Cylon trap, using false distress signals from two Raptors that "disappeared" into a nebula. Instead of heeding Adm. Adama's more cautious advice to send in scouts, Garner takes the entire battlestar into the void. This sets off a trap involving three Cylon baseships that subsequently jump into the scene.   They succeed in heavily damaging the Pegasus, including its FTL drive.  Garner cracks under pressure, handing command over to the visiting Major Apollo and then going below decks to see to the ship's repair. Garner once again felt "safer" working with machinery than dealing with crew under crisis. Garner died while conducting critical repairs to the Pegasus that enabled the FTL drive, permitting the ship to escape total destruction.

Actor Bio:  John Heard was born on March 7, 1945 in Washington, D.C. His father worked for the Pentagon. He was graduated from Gonzaga College High School in 1964. (That school would later induct him into its Theater Hall of Fame in 2003.) He graduated from Clark University in 1968. He was the 1976-77 Theatre World award winner. He was also briefly married to actress Margot Kidder in 1979.

Heard was nominated for a CableACE award for his work in the miniseries Tender is the Night in 1987. He was also nominated for an Emmy for his role of Detective Vin Makazian in an episode of The Sopranos in 1999. He has appeared in some 70 movies, including Big, Beaches, Home Alone, Awakenings, The Pelican Brief, The Guardian, and many others. Since his appearance as "Cmdr. Garner" on Battlestar Galactica, he has filmed several episodes of Prison Break as "Gov. Frank Tancredi".

IMDB Link:  John Heard

Wikipedia Link:  John Heard  /  Battlestar Wiki Link:  John Heard 

Official Website:  None Listed.

Trivia: John Heard was listed as one of twelve "Promising New Actors of 1977" in John Willis' Screen World, Vol. 29. [1977]

What he's doing now: Just completed filming movies Little Hercules in 3D and PJ, in which he plays the character of "Dr. Alan Shearson". He has also recently completed The Line-Up for TV.



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