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Edward James Olmos (Admiral William "Husker" Adama)

Edward James Olmos 


Actor Name:  Edward James Olmos

Character Name:  Admiral William "Husker" Adama

Episode Appearances:  Main Cast on Mini-Series, Season 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Razor.

Character Bio:   Commander William Adama fought during the first Cylon war and eventually became the commander of the battlestar named Galactica after overcoming several obstacles. Bill Adama is on the point of retirement when big Cylon attack occurs that destroys the Twelve Colonies. He is tasked with leading a rag tag fleet to the 13th Tribe of man known as Earth.

Bill Adama was shot by a Cylon #8 model, Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii (who was a sleeper Cylon) but he survived the attack on his life. When another battlestar appeared there was friction between the two commanding officers. Eventually Bill Adama retook command of the fleet as Admiral after Admiral Cain was shot by a Cylon #6 model named Gina.

When the fleet settled on New Caprica, Bill Adama had to leave the population behind when the Cylons suddenly reappeared. Later, Adama reunited the fleet in space after a big battle, but lost the battlestar Pegasus in the course of the fight.

Actor Bio:  A magnetic Latino actor and activist, Edward James Olmos born February 24, 1947, was raised in the tough 'hood of East Los Angeles and avoided falling in with gangs by pursuing his passions: first baseball and later rock and roll. In the mid-'60s Edward James Olmos gigged with bands at night and studied at community college by day. By the '70s, Olmos had added acting to his eclectic résumé. Edward James Olmos' breakthrough role came in 1978 as the mythical narrator of the historical play Zoot Suit, which earned him a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award, as well as a Tony nod when the show moved to Broadway. (Edward James Olmos reprised the role in the subsequent 1981 film.)

After a handful of projects, Edward James Olmos came to prominence and won an Emmy and a Golden Globe as the police lieutenant Castillo on the immensely popular TV series Miami Vice. Once the show folded, Edward James Olmos jumped to features and although he turned in many memorable performances — his Oscar-nominated portrayal of real-life inspirational teacher in Stand and Deliver, a gang member in the prison drama American Me, which Olmos also directed and produced — the small screen remained his medium.

Edward James Olmos did fine work in a slew of TV-movies and miniseries, including the lauded 2003 remake of Battlestar Galactica as the hardened military leader William Adama trying to lead the remnants of the human race to safety. When Battlestar Galactica became a regular series in 2004, Edward James Olmos found himself essaying his hippest, most high-profile part since Miami Vice. Off screen, Edward James Olmos has been married twice, including to The Sopranos' Lorraine Bracco, and devotes much of his time to humanitarian causes.

Edward James Olmos was the United States Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF; the national spokesperson for Voter Registration, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and the AIDS Awareness Foundation; and sits on the boards of Recruiting New Teachers, Twentieth Century Fund, UCLA Mentoring Program and the National Council on Adoption, among others.

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Trivia:  Edward James Olmos was considered for the part of Klingon Commander Kruge in the third Star Trek film but lost the role to Christopher Lloyd because Lloyd was taller.

What he's doing now:  Edward James Olmos is currently starring on Scifi Channel's Battlestar Galactica

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