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Battlestar Galactica Cast and Crew by Dennys Ilic
Written by Marcel Damen   
Saturday, 21 November 2009

During his six week stay on the Battlestar Galactica set at the time of filming the finale, photographer and cinematographer Dennys Ilic shot over 10,000 photos of the cast, crew and the sets. He plans on bundling these in his cast and crew gift book. Next to that he also plans on bringing out a second book on the cast and crew itself, outside the Battlestar Galactica set (read the full story in the Dennys Ilic GALACTICA.TV interview). This article shows a gallery of some of the photos he's now making for the second book.


Ron Moore by Dennys Ilic

Ron Moore by Dennys Ilic


To view a larger version of these images CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW! to open up the gallery browser.


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