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Gemini Freighter
Written by Marcel Damen   
Sunday, 06 March 2011

Amongst the older ships in the Colonial rag-tag fleet the Gemini Freighters have some of the worst living conditions of any vessels in the fleet. This is to be expected as Gemini Freight Corporation was well known for owning and operating the largest and, in many cases, the oldest cargo haulers' in the Twelve Colonies. By far and away the Gemini Freighters have the greatest cargo hauling capability of any ship in the fleet, able to haul upwards and over a million metric tons of cargo, from hazardous waste and raw ore, to consumable and clothing these ships are best known for now hauling human cargo in the way of refugees from the colony world Gemin. Unlike most ships in the fleet the Gemini Freighters are armed with turbo lasers, point diverters and electromagnetic defense shields, these defenses used primarily to protect the slow moving freighters from pirates and the occasional Cylon raiding party. This is the CGI model by ZOIC.


Battlestar Galactica 2003 CGI of the Gemini Freighter

Battlestar Galactica 2003 CGI of the Gemini Freighter


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