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Written by Marcel Damen   
Tuesday, 01 January 2008

On this page all the people are credited who helped making this site happen. We don't know what we'd do without them. They gave up part of their free time to voluntarily work for us, so all you Battlestar Galactica fans out there can enjoy the stuff you read here day in day out. They're mentioned in no particular order of importance since any contribution, great or small is always greatly appreciated:

Jim Stevenson - "137th Gebirg" (writer of analytic articles)

Helen Lee - "nukegirl" (interview transcripts and editing profile pages)

Martine Voppen - "Scifi Maniac" (interviews, interview transcripts and editing profile pages)

Chuck Norris - "CmdrCain" (interview questions, articles and editing profile pages)

Justin Berger - "hypocritical" / "LawnmowerFace" (interviews, audio and podcasts)

Joel Cooke  - "Joel" (interviews and interview transcripts)

Noah Kadner  - "NoahK" (interviews and interview transcripts)

Carmel Brunson (interview questions and transcripts)

Kristin Wall - "Raemani75" (interview transcripts)

David - "ThPrime" (interview questions and transcripts)

Patric Arron Maginn - "fang" (interview questions and transcripts)


We further would like to thank all the fans who wrote to us and gave us feedback on the things we published or new information and leads to follow up on.

We particularly also like to take this opportunity to shout out to all our friends at Caprica City in particular Peter Glotz ("Pedda"), Rene Kissien ("Lex"), Mirco Neubauer ("xshrekx"), Jochen Gaag ("Frosty_JG") and Kathy Krocker (many hugs!), Joe Beaudoin of Battlestar Wiki and Shawn O'Donnell ("bgresurrection_1999") of Battlestar Fan Club. A special greeting goes out to our friend and #1 BSG fan Chris Pappas! 



Marcel Damen ("MAD") & Mike Egnor ("mikedx")

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