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GALACTICA.TV is looking for Volunteers
Written by Marcel Damen   
Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Do you have good writing skills, a good idea, a great story or time to do some of the profile pages? If so, you should volunteer here at GALACTICA.TV. We are looking for anyone interested in Battlestar Galactica and some time to spare.

We're here to finally give some credit to all the people in front of and behind the camera of all Battlestar Galactica series, but we can't do this alone. Are you interested in writing some articles for us on very specific Battlestar Galactica (any series) related subjects you did research on and would love to share this with the fans. Let us know!

Or do you just want to help out making some of the profile pages, where you'd write actors and character bios, look up their IMDb link, their official (fan)site, some trivia, etc. Just tell us! 

All we ask that you at least have some writing skills and are interested in the subject you'll be writing about. You'll at least have some respect for the cast and crew of all Battlestar Galactica series, even if you don't particularly like one of the series.

What are we offering? This is a non-commercial fansite and we're spending all our time and money to make it a success. All we get in return is some appreciation by the fans and sometimes the cast and crew, that's it... We can't offer you any more or less... 

If you're interested and want to volunteer for anything mentioned above, please use the contact form ("Contact Us" under "MAIN").  

Welcome aboard! 

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